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7 Instant Advantages of Having Your Roof Restored

The longer that you let the minor problems plaguing your roof go without repairs, the more damage those problems can do to your roof. Your roof is one of the most important features of your home because it keeps you safe from environmental dangers and weather hazards like hail and snow. If you’re on the fence about restoring your roof, you should check out some of the instant advantages of a professional roof restoration.

1- Better Curb Appeal

One big advantage of a roof restoration is that it boosts your curb appeal. Curb appeal simply refers to the appeal of your home from the curb. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors come over to ask who did your roof or to tell you that the space looks good. No matter what color you choose, you’ll notice your roof as you pull up to your home.

2- No More Leaks

A sign that you need a roof repair is when your roof starts leaking. Those leaks can range from tiny leaks that are the size of a pinpoint to larger leaks that cause cracks that are several inches long. Each time that it rains, you need to run through your house to gather pots, pans and buckets to place under those leaks. A total restoration stops those leaks almost as soon as work begins.

3- End Water Damage

Though you might overlook a small leak because you don’t think it’s that bad, that leak can worsen over time. The water that drips down from the roof can build up inside the ceiling and cause the ceiling to develop a bowed look and patches that hang down. As the water keeps building up, it can eventually make the ceiling burst open and cause water to spill all over your bedroom or another room. Water damage can also occur inside the walls as the liquid leaks down from the roof. A great advantage of a restoration is that you can stop that water damage from worsening.

4- Become More Efficient

When you work with a local roofing company, you’ll want to look at some of the different shingles, tiles and other materials that you can use on your roof. Some of the newest roofing materials can make your home more efficient. These new shingles act like an extra layer of insulation on the roof to keep the cold air outside from lowering the temperature in your home. The shingles can also lock heat inside on a cold day.

5- Add Value

Many people opt to repair and renovate their roofs because they want to sell their homes in the near future. During the inspection that prospective buyers pay for, the inspector will let them know if there is any significant damage to the roof and how much it will cost to repair that damage. That can make them pass on your home or offer a lower price for it. A complete restoration will add, on average, up to $12,000 to the total value of your home.

6- Lower Insurance Premiums

As soon as work on your roof ends, contact your insurance company about that repair. You can do this during the project too. The insurer will send an adjuster or inspector to your home to look at the new roof and determine how much your home is now worth. As renovating your roof increases the safety of your home, you should find that the cost of insuring your home suddenly drops.

7- Stop Wild Animals

Do you hear scratching and other strange sounds coming from your attic or even from inside your walls? Those noises are a clear sign that you have a wild animal or rodent problem on your hands. Squirrels, chipmunks and certain types of birds are just a few of the wild animals who will nest in your gutters and look for entrances to your home. Having your roof restored lets you block off access to your home and seal all the openings that they use to travel in and out of your attic.

Having your roof professionally restored is a good way to add value to your home, but you’ll find other advantages to the project like reducing your insurance costs and stopping leaks and wild animals too.

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