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7 Important Reasons to Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Cleaning carpets is an undertaking we all have to face from time to time. Nobody likes a dirty rug in their house or place of work. You probably did not need anyone to inform you of the adverse effects of not cleaning your carpets. The question you probably have is whether you should spend money to have your carpets cleaned by a professional or just vacuum them yourself. The following are some reasons why you should have your carpet professionally cleaned.

1. Professional cleaning is more thorough than home cleaning.

When you vacuum your carpet at home, you can remove large particles of dust and other dirt from the carpet. The vacuuming, however, does not deal with the smaller particles which, due to their size will have bound themselves to carpet fibers. Some of these little articles are the causes of allergies, and they are the reason why at some point, you can’t stop sneezing even after cleaning your carpet. Professional cleaning is focused on removing the dirt of all sizes thus leaving your carpet clean and smelling fresh.

2. It provides you with a healthier environment.

Approximately 30% of adults suffer from allergies. The number of children suffering from the same is even higher at 40%. This means that if there is a carpet riddled with allergens, then there is an approximately 40% chance that it will be affecting someone. Some of the most common skin diseases such as athlete’s foot and herpes can be acquired on a carpet. Experts argue that air quality in a house maybe eight or ten times dirtier than the outdoors if the floors are not properly cleaned. The surest way to ensure that your carpet does not harbor any of these health hazards is by having them professionally cleaned.

3. It maintains the quality of your carpet.

When you buy a rug, you buy it for your comfort and also for its appearance. To keep its texture and color for the duration of its expected lifetime, it needs to be cleaned by people who know how to handle it. If you decide to steam your carpet at home personally, you may steam it in a way that ruins its integrity. While this may appear like saving money in the short term it will lead to losses in the long run; A professional knows what to use to keep it in excellent condition.

4. It maintains your warranty.

Many carpet sellers require that you have the carpet professionally cleaned every 12-24 months. If you do not fulfill this condition, you lose the warranty on your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services, therefore, ensure that you redeem your warranty in case anything happens to your carpet.

5. It helps keep up their longevity.

If you keep your carpet clean, you can almost have it for a lifetime. Carpets are usually a substantial investment, and the most significant cause of their ruin is dirt. When you have it professionally cleaned as often as recommended. You will not need to invest in a new carpet for a long time. It is, however important to note that ultimately, how long your carpet lasts depend on its quality in the first place.

6. It removes stains.

Your carpets will get stained from time to time. The frequency and obstinacy of the stains depend on where you are using the carpet. If the carpet is being used at home, the stains are likely to be from food, drinks and so on. If on the other hand, a carpet is being used in a bar, the stains would be from drinks. Whatever the nature of the spots, vacuuming the carpet will not remove them. You should employ the services of a professional to have the stained removed.

7. It removes odor.

The most common carpet cleaning method used at home is vacuuming. Vacuum cleaning does not get rid of the odor. The odor is likely to accumulate in a carpet from users’ feet. Professional cleaning ensures that the carpeted house is habitable by eliminating odor.

Professional cleaners understand carpets. They know which cleaning method they can use that would cause problems in your house. Certain chemical-based cleaners may leave the house with nasty smells if used on certain types of carpets. This understanding is the reason why you should let them cleaning your carpets even if you think you can do it.

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