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7 Ideas to Try at a Digital Marketing Business

Staying on top of technological advances can be tough. The following seven ideas are here to inspire innovation for your digital marketing business.

Idea #1: AI implementation

Artificial intelligence can be used for everything from processing data analytics to customer service. Chat bots are wonderful tools for freeing up employee time to work on more challenging projects. AI can also be used to automate emails and newsletters, as well as help keep your website current.

Implementing AI into your business plan will not only save you time and money, but will innovate your processes so that you can better understand what strategies you need to employ moving forward.

Idea #2: Use Big Data

Big data is not just for big corporations anymore. Using Big Data to analyze each of your departments’ productivity is incredibly lucrative. Not only will this help you determine what processes need to be streamlined, but it will also help you learn where your employees are slacking and thriving. You can then hold meetings to implement new strategies and trainings which will help bolster your employees’ skills. This will make for a much more stimulating and productive work environment.

Idea #3: Branch Out on Social Media

As a digital marketing firm, you likely use several social media platforms. However, social media is far more than just advertising.

Social media is the place where your brand is publicly established. This is where your character is on display through your content creation and your interaction with customers. One of the best ways to show customers that you are brand that cares is to engage with complaints and bad reviews. Rather than buying your customers off with an apology and a coupon, listen to their feedback as constructive criticism. Implement changes into your products or services where needed.

Idea #4: Broader Content Creation

As a digital marketing firm, content creation is kind of your thing. However, you need to be creating content beyond your product or service. Maybe you make logos or maybe you do infographics and those are your primary bread-and-butter. However, when it comes to interacting with clients on social media, engaging them with content within their niche will give you a competitive edge.


Because you will be establishing yourself as an authority on the subject.

Writing blog posts about digital design, creating YouTube videos about how to use your software, or even posting interviews with your employees about your current company culture are always to get your clients talking about your brand.

Idea #5: Consistency

When it comes to social media, consistency is key. Posting your content on specific days and specific times will allow your consumers to look forward to new content from you.

Developing this consistency is simple.

Investing in a social media scheduling tool will not only help keep your creative team on task when creating content, but it will also allow you to create a backlog of posts in case of a bad week of writer’s block.

Idea #6: Pre-Hiring Personality Tests

When it comes to hiring your team, picking people who are going to fit well with your company culture is crucial. While certain skill sets are necessary when entering into the digital marketing world, skills can be acquired and honed. A bad attitude is much harder to tame.

While it is not advisable to base an entire interview process on a person’s personality—and is actually discriminatory in nature—using personality tests can help interviewers tailor interview questions towards a person’s strengths and weaknesses. Employers can create scenarios based on a certain personality types weakness to see how well a person will cope with that scenario in their job. This helps create an accurate projection of how the person will be on the team.

Idea #7: Mobile Apps and the IoT

An addition to content creation is creating mobile applications which can be geared towards the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a concept which aims to link all electronic devices into a central hub via Bluetooth. The idea behind this is to create smart cars, smart homes and smart cities to maximize human productivity.

Apps are already growing towards this coming future. QR codes are proof of this.

Developing an app specifically to plug your brand into the Internet of Things is a bold, forward-thinking move which will put your digital marketing business ahead of the game.

When it comes to running your own digital marketing firm sometimes your hardest hurdle to overcome is your own brand’s marketing. However, the use of AI, consistent social media presence, and engaging content creation will help set you on the right path. Additionally, hiring employees who share your vision and also mesh well with your team culture will surely push your company over the edge towards greatness.

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