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7 Ideas For Drumming Up Business To Your Shooting Range

In a time when firearms are considered controversial, increasing business for your shooting range is a challenge. The most successful ranges across the country are the ones that use innovative marketing techniques. These are a few ideas that can help boost your monthly numbers.

1. Offer Loyalty Discounts

Build a membership platform that rewards loyalty. Some ranges offer memberships for a flat fee that is paid monthly. In such cases, paying members are free to visit the range whenever they wish. Other companies offer free membership that comes with perks such as discounts on ammo purchases or firearm rentals. Another benefit of having a membership program is gaining a list of email addresses. You can email members with news about events, member-exclusive deals and industry news. Put up a concise and non-pushy poster near the front desk that outlines the value and benefits of membership.

2. Offer Firearm Safety Classes

Since gun safety is a big concern among American citizens, hosting free safety classes each month will help show that your company cares about keeping the community safe. If providing free classes is not feasible with your budget, you can offer them for a discounted price. To encourage maximum attendance, consider offering discounts for groups of three or more people.

3. Host Weekly Events

There are endless options for special events that will attract more people. Although most of your visitors will be firearm enthusiasts, you can drum up business by finding ways to attract people who might not walk through your doors on their own. For example, host an event that shows people how to react properly if a disgruntled employee comes to work with a gun. This also shows that you care about protecting community members, and the education may help save lives if the unthinkable happens. You can host safety lectures for kids to help prevent misuse of firearms. Also, you can collaborate with other businesses that will likely recommend your services. For example, you can collaborate with a local karate studio to offer comprehensive self-defense training for women.

4. Stay Active On Social Media

If your business is not on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, set up accounts on those platforms. Make posts that encourage feedback or shares. You can ask questions, take polls, post funny pictures or share important news. The key is to keep your followers engaged.

5. Give Out Advertising Merchandise

Your customers can help you get your name out in the community. Offer them shirts, bumper stickers, key chains or other merchandise with your company’s name. You can price them low enough to make a small profit, and you can occasionally give away merchandise as a prize or as a membership perk.

6. Set Up Contests

Use your social media accounts to promote contests that further your reach. For example, you can offer a free shirt to five random people when your Facebook likes reach 1,000 or when your Twitter followers reach 1,000. Giveaways encourage people to invite their friends to follow you. Also, you can engage more people by setting up contests that require their involvement. For example, you can ask people to submit shirt designs with your name or logo and then conduct a poll to let your followers choose their favorite. By doing this, you will see what merchandise will sell best.

7. Make Your Range More Comfortable

Ask your customers for feedback by using forms. What would they change about your range? You may need to add more seating, a lounge area, vending machines or fans. In addition to sending a powerful message that you care about each customer’s experience, having a comfortable environment will make more people want to come back regularly.

Remember to think about pain points when you come up with solutions. The most profitable ideas solve or reduce pain points related to money, safety and peace of mind. Also, make a goal to broaden your target market. Too many ranges target only men or firearm enthusiasts, and you can reach beyond with a little creativity and hard work.

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