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7 Health Benefits of Replacing Your Mattress

If you have an older mattress on your bed, then it is detrimental for your well-being. You probably spend a minimum of 50 hours a week sleeping, and it is essential to have a supportive surface for your body. Mattresses are designed to last a maximum of 10 years with frequent use, but many individuals have mattresses that are 30 years old. Throughout 30 years, your body also changes, making an older mattress inappropriate for your needs. Here is why you need to replace a bed’s mattress occasionally.

Helping Your Arthritic Joints

When you have arthritis, it can affect a variety of joints in your body, including your knees and shoulders. With a supportive mattress, you can prevent additional damage to your body as you roll around in your sleep. Before buying a new mattress, learn more about the best types for using when you have arthritis. In addition to replacing your mattress, you might want to use other supportive items such as mattress pads or special pillows. Talk to your primary physician to learn more about the best mattresses for arthritic patients.

Reducing Pain from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Temporomandibular joint disorder affects the jawbone’s joints, leading to pain in the teeth, face and neck. While you might wear a special dental guard on your teeth to protect your jaw’s joints, having a supportive mattress is also helpful. In addition, you may want a mattress that rises toward the head of the bed to help prevent nighttime teeth grinding that leads to additional pain from temporomandibular joint disorder. Your dentist can provide information about the most appropriate mattress for your health problem.

Avoiding Daytime Backaches

If your bed’s mattress is sagging in the middle along your back and hips, then you will often have a bad backache throughout the day. It is important to select a mattress that is appropriate for your weight and height so that you have the proper support for your body type. While buying a new mattress, make sure to replace the old box springs so that your back is protected from damage.

Improving Your Brain’s Function

When you wake-up frequently during the night, it is often because your body feels uncomfortable. One of the most important aspects of sleeping is that it improves the functions of your brain, and if your sleep is disrupted, then it is affecting your brain waves. With a newer mattress, you will feel more comfortable, helping you to sleep through the night without waking several times to reposition your body.

Eliminating Allergy Symptoms

If you have chronic problems with sneezing, coughing or sinus congestion, then it is possible that your ancient mattress is the problem. The fibers of your mattress absorb household dust, and your body deposits hundreds of skin flakes on the surface each night. Despite using clean linens on your bed, your mattress may have an infestation of dust mites that also cause allergic reactions. When you replace your bed’s mattress and box springs, buy special covers that are washable so that you can keep the items clean and free of any debris that causes allergy symptoms.

Protecting Your Body’s Immune System

While you are sleeping, your body’s glands produce hormones that boost your immune system. If you are tossing and turning at night, then your body’s hormones are depleted, and you might have frequent illnesses from colds or influenza. After you buy a new mattress for your bed, keep track of your illnesses to determine if you have a better immune system. Take proper care of your mattress by protecting it with zippered covers.

Have Less Mental Stress with a New Mattress

Scientists recently performed studies on test subjects who slept on older and newer mattresses. When the test subjects slept on new mattresses, they reported that they felt less anxiety after several weeks. A good night’s sleep helps to repair the brain’s emotional centers so that you can cope in a better way with stressful events. Before buying a mattress, research its benefits carefully, and also take the time to determine if it feels comfortable.

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