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7 Hacks for Knowing How a Catheter Works

Being in a health care profession is a very rewarding career. However, it could mess as well as dreadful catastrophe. The shifts are known to be long, and every patient has their own needs which may be very stressing to manage. Whether a health care expert is providing critical care services or administering routine check-ups, it is important to understand the various useful life hacks which may be helpful in executing the desired services.

1- The Central Venous Catheter

This is known to be the gate way to the human bloodstream for sampling blood or deliver medications. The central venous catheters are known to be life-saving, though life-treating to some extent. These catheters are known to provide the more required critical medications. However, they can introduce a lot of fungal or bacterial infection to the body systems.

2- The Use of Normal Saline Solution

This solution is mostly used as the contact lens solutions. The saline solution saves the contact lens from getting dry, and it is also useful in emergency eye irritation cases as eye drops.

3- The Use of Triple Gloves in the Brown Code Procedures

Code brown process could be messy, and it would be an excellent idea to avoid the accidental exposure to poop. After you clean the patient, remove the first gloves and get a new pair gloves in case you are changing their diapers. This saves you time in doing other critical things as well as saves you from the relevant mess.

4- Isolation Gowns for Messy Meals

For the patients who do not want to get messy when taking meals, it is important that they wear the right isolation gowns which protect them and their scrubs from the unwanted food substances which could introduce bacteria to any open body system.

5- The Use of Coffee Grounds as Odor Absorbers

Putting some grounded coffee beans on the patient’s emesis basin or the bedpan could help in absorbing the unpleasant smells which they might be producing. Many health facilities employ this process to put off bad odor from the facility.

6- Soaking the Nasogastric Tube in the Ice Before the Actual Insertion

Chilled nasogastric can be a great useful component because it makes any form of insertion easy as well as reducing the unpleasant feeling of tube insertion. Some people prefer leaving the tube in freezers for some time before the procedure.

7- The Double Insertion of the Foley Catheter

If the first insertion does not work well, it is important to insert a new Foley catheter. However, you should aim high during the insertion. This reduces the chances of missing the urethral opening another time.

If a doctor has the right tools and strategies to help them in administering some medication services to patient, the process would be easy for the hospitalized individual too. In most cases it important to note that healing is an active process but it will never be a passive process. Some of the other hacks in administering the best services to clients include the act of using hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains, additional of lotion to the wipes to remove the sticky components, putting the urine collector bag on the pediatric patient before any given blood collection process as well as putting an examination gloves over the stethoscope during the examination process.

These are just some the common hacks for professionals who provide services in the health care center. However, there are vast hacks that are very useful in different facilities to deal with patients suffering from different kinds of sickness. The hacks are very crucial especially when dealing with pediatric patients in the pediatric wards.

Patients also have a pivotal role to pay to ensure that they have quality hospitalization services. Before the hospitalization process, it is crucial for the patient to look up for the right hospitals which adhere to the catheter –associated laws set by any state. Scheduling an appointment with the pediatric doctor to understand the hospitalization procedures could also be important. In case you find out that the service provider is a low perform, be very careful not to get any kind of infection.

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