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7 Design Tips for Creating a Company Logo

When you are creating a company logo, it takes much more than just adding a shape and putting your company name over top of it. You have to design a logo that will stand out from the other, and that shows your company only produces quality products. To make the design process easier, we have put together a list of tips for creating a company logo.

1. Choose the Right Colors

The colors you choose for a logo convey meanings and ideas, so not only should the colors look good together, but they should also convey the right message. While sometimes you might be restricted on color choice due to the specific colors of a brand, but if you have more freedom, keep these things in mind:

  • Convey the intended message
  • Make the colors pop – the logo should catch the eye
  • It should also look great when switched to grayscale

2. Avoid Clichés

There are certain company logos that you see repeated over and over again. The only difference between them is the colors and the company name. You should aim to have your logo stand out, and by following the clichés, you are limiting your exposure.

3. Use a Custom Font

Instead of going to the font list to choose a font for your company name, you should design your own font instead. If you aren’t equipped to create your own font, hire someone to do it for you.

By using a custom font, you aren’t just making your logo more unique, you are also preventing others from stealing your logo. If they can’t match your exact font, they won’t be able to replicate your logo exactly.

4. Keep It Simple

Keeping your logo simple can be the best strategy for having people recognize it instantaneously. It will also be more likely to stand the test of time, as well as just being powerful.

Think of Apple or Nike. Both companies have extremely simple logos, and everyone recognizes them right away! They have also never had to change their logo to keep up with current times. You have to remember to add a unique touch to your simple logo, however, to give it that recognizable feature.

5. Consider Making the Logo Active

Instead of a still object, see if you can make it look like your logo is in motion. By doing this, you add so much more to the logo than if the object seems to just sit still. The logo will become more eye-catching and interesting to potential customers.

6. Pay Attention to Size, Proportion, and Symmetry

Your logo should be relatively small or, on occasion, medium sized. Large logos are actually viewed negatively. According to the Huffington Post, customers may feel that you think you are more important than they are by having a large logo take up space that could contain information for the customer.

Having a large logo makes you look insecure as a business owner, and the size of the logo could be distracting. A large logo also wastes space that you could be advertising your products or explaining the benefits of your company.

By using circles of similar dimensions, you can create a guide to follow that helps you makes sure your logo is proportionate and symmetrical. These circles would be removed from the actual logo, but they will be the basis for the design.

7. Utilize Empty Space

Using empty space in a unique and interesting way in your company logo can make a huge difference. In the space between words or letters, you can add symbols or designs that are specific to your company. You can also add shapes that can look like two different objects depending on which way you look at it. Obviously, you will want these objects to be related to your company.

An eye-catching company logo that is easy to remember is important for any company. It can be simple, but it can’t just be a plain shape with your company name on it. By following these tips, you will be able to create a great company logo that will be timeless and memorable.

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