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7 Budget-Friendly Ways to Sell Your House Faster

You are ready to put your house on the market, or are you? Figuring out the right price to list it using comparable homes in the area is a great place to start. Finding an excellent agent who has tons of local experience is also helpful. We give you seven key ways to ensure your home sells quickly below.

Clean and declutter the house

One of the first things a homeowner can do to get a home ready to sell is to clean everything and get rid of extra and seasonal items. Sort items into three piles. One pile is for things you plan to keep. One group is for things to donate, and one bunch is for trash. The best way to make this task easy is to rent a storage container or unit. You can store items you do not plan to use for the next three to six months to keep them out of the way.

Fix any damage

Cracks in the sidewalk and driveway are not just unsightly. These problems are trip hazards. Even minor damage can send the wrong message to potential buyers. When people see little issues, they worry there is deeper, worse damage to unearth. Taking care of these things before the open house may help you get more offers.

Upgrade minor items

Small updates like new light fixtures, stainless steel appliances, and new hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms can make a huge difference. Buyers want to see modern, clean lines when touring a home for sale. By giving a little, you may find your house selling fast. A high-end upgrade like marble counters or hardwood floors can incite a bidding war in tight markets.

List in places your agent is not

Even if you find the best agent in the area with a top-selling record, it is still important to list your home on social media sites and personal pages. You never know who is going to see your post and know someone looking to buy a house. Your pictures could be the difference in someone coming to the showing or passing up the ad. Trulia says to tell your neighbors and local coworkers to spread the word too.

Increase curb appeal

Painting the inside and outside of your house can give it a fresh, clean look. Plus, any custom colors you have on the walls can go back to neutral tones more conducive to attracting buyers. Buyers want to see trim lawns, edged paths and sidewalks, and well-lit yards at night. A new bed of mulch, seasonal flowers, and potted plants at each side of the door make a big difference in the way the house looks to potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint on the mailbox and big numbers for the address are other good, yet inexpensive ideas to help you sell your house fast.

Hire a staging expert

While a stager costs money, the expense is well worth the knowledge and experience this person can share with you. He or she has the skills to bring in more light, line up furniture in a way that makes it easy to walk around and put pops of color in just the right places to grab attention. If you cannot afford to have a staging expert do the work, you can opt for hiring a designer or stager for an hour or two to get tips customized for your home.

Remove pet and children’s items before the showing

U.S. News tells readers to hide or remove pet dishes, toys, and bedding before your house opens to the public. Buyers without pets do not want to see or smell animals in the home. House hunters with pets want to envision their animals in the house and not see pictures of your favorite pet in every room.

Following these tips can help you get your house off from the market faster. Thorough cleaning and repairing items is the best place to start. Depersonalize the space and stage the rooms before holding an open house. Use unique photos and plan to market extensively to ensure you get enough people to visit the showing for the best results.

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