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7 Best Times to Eat Hot Wings

Hot wings are one of America’s favorite foods, and they can be served in a variety of ways (baked, fried, grilled) and eaten at a variety of places (homes, restaurants, weddings, sporting events, work kitchens). Everyone loves hot wings, and the important thing is that they cannot be messed up. Have you ever had a bad hot wing? Didn’t think so! If you are looking for an excuse or occasion to bring out the hot wings and eat until your heart is content, read the list below for the 7 best times to eat hot wings. Your stomach will thank you!

1- A Bachelor Party

Nothing says bachelors like eating whatever you want so why not enjoy the last big night in style with an all you can eat hot wings dinner. Gather up your friends, grab some hot wings, and eat until your heart is content. If you make it through the fiery night, you can marry your bride knowing you accomplished eating all the hot wings you wanted off of your bucket list.

2- A Birthday Party

For your special day, invite some of your friends (young and old) to indulge in some hot wings with you. This will be a fun hangout time to reflect on your past year, anticipate your future year, laugh in the memories, and chow down on some delicious hot wings. You can even have hot wings themed decor and cake, or simply put a candle in your hot wings and call it a day. The most important thing is treating yourself with some hot wings on your special day!

3- Watching Sporting Events

The only thing better than watching your favorite team win the game is watching your favorite team win while eating hot wings. Gather some friends and family, fire up some hot wings, and relax in style. If your favorite team is unable to clinch the big W, at least the sting of losing will be lowered because the hot wings. Many hot wing restaurants have big screens just for this reason.

4- Girls’ Night Out

Girls’ Night Outs can be loads of fun, and who says that they cannot include hot wings too? Sometimes, girls just need to cut loose and chill, and eating hot wings will be the perfect opportunity to catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and carpool drama. So grab you girlfriends and find the closes hot wings restaurants because we all know that ladies need a night off from cooking.

5- Family Game Night

If your family has a family game night, consider throwing eating hot wings into the schedule. You could have a eating competition or simply enjoy them as you play rounds of board games.

6- A Cooking Competition

Maybe you are looking for a fun date night activity or a friendly competition among friends, but cooking (and eating) hot wings would be perfect for both of these. In case you do not have a secret recipe passed down for generations, consider these two recipes (here and here) to help you get started in planning the perfect hot wings cooking competition.

7- On a Wednesday Night

Instead of hitting a Wednesday night slump, eat hot wings with your friends. This can avoid the Hump Day blues and help you mentally recharge for the last two days of the work week. Eating hot wings can be the perfect pick me up for a middle of the night dinner.

Now that you have the 7 best times to eat hot wings, gather your people around and get eating. Whether they are baked or fried, the only important part is that they are delicious.

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