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6 Ways to Retain Top Talent in the Service Industry

A good server can make a customer’s meal even more special. In fact, some people will come to a restaurant for the server over the food. These servers deserve to be treated well. You don’t want them to take their talents (and favorite customers) to another restaurant.

That’s why managing your restaurant employees matters. By keeping these tips in mind, you can retain your best employees while also offering a workplace that gratifies them.

1. Be Friendly

Some bosses insist on taking a stern tone with their staff to encourage respect. This stern tone can come across the wrong way at times. No one wants to be talked to rudely by their boss. A good server will not tolerate it at all and will leave to a place with a more positive environment.
Do your best to be positive to your employees throughout the day, especially the ones who enhance your business. This does not mean you should let people walk all over you, though.

2. Grow Your Business

Servers and bartenders require on your success to make money. For that reason, you need to focus on your business in order to keep your employees happy. In order to do this, work as hard as you can to promote your business and deliver a stellar product. This will keep the restaurant busy, keeping your servers happy.

3. Schedule Correctly

Scheduling at a restaurant can be more difficult than scheduling for an office job. You need to have enough servers for whatever happens without having too many people there. When too many people are around, people won’t make enough money to want to be there. You also need to adhere to each employee’s personal schedule since many people work in the service industry since they can’t work normal hours. You should also set up a simple system in order for people to call off specific days. Make it clear from the beginning that people who cannot make their shift after the schedule is posted must get somebody to cover them or it will be considered a no call/no show. People deserve better treatment.

4. Offer Rewards and Prizes for Success

The best servers generally make the most money because of the experience they provide for the customer. However, they still deserve even more recognition. Reward people for exceptional service with free food, gift cards, or cold, hard stress. If you have surveys, reward the server who got the best scores on the survey. If you don’t have a survey, reward the servers you see going above and beyond throughout the day.

5. Celebrate Your Employees

Your restaurant couldn’t run without your servers. You need to show all of them exactly how important they are to you by treating them every once in awhile. Consider taking everybody to a fun night out at an escape room. You can also take them out to eat or for a day at the arcade. Every couple of months, you need to show your employees just how much you care about them.

Not every server is an asset to your restaurant. Some require some additional training or an attitude adjustment before they demonstrate their skills. However, you want the servers that are taking you ahead to stay. The restaurant business is notorious for having a revolving door when it comes to staff. Keep the employees you rely on by following these tips to keep them happy.

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