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6 Tips for Using Product Photography in Advertising

When you are advertising a new product, one of the best ways you can showcase this item is by using high-quality product photography. After all, a good photo can make or break a promotion. Unfortunately, not many companies prioritize good photography, nor do they understand just how important it is when sending out their message.

Whether you are marketing your product in print or online, there are a few best practices you should follow when taking your photos. By following these six tips, you can be sure that your product photography makes your advertising as effective as possible.

1. Stick With a Professional

When it comes to photography, you truly get what you pay for. If you’re planning out a product advertising campaign with company products, actors, and a professional photographer, you are going to have the necessary expertise and experience to make your advertising campaign as effective as possible.
However, without these tools, especially a professional photographer, you can expect your advertising campaign to lack in both quality and effectiveness.

2. Develop a Plan

Even though hiring a professional is a great plan in itself, without an outline of what you want your shoot to be, your photographer isn’t going to know what to do. It’s important to develop a precise plan or outline of what you want your shoot to be and the message you’re trying to get across.

3. Use Realistic Placement of Your Products

As useful as using your logos and products can be in your photo shoot to send a brand-centered message to your audience and consumers are, using them out of context or in an unrealistic way can damage your advertising campaign. Make sure that you have an idealistic concept and are using your brand in a positive light that everyone can understand.

4. Create a Centralized Thought Around Your Product

When you’re selling your product in advertising, you need to showcase an image that you feel and want your buyers to feel as well. Aside from showing off the features and capabilities of your product, you need to also show it’s backstory and mood that others can connect with.

5. Remember Who Your Target Audience Is

Your advertising content strategy doesn’t just apply to copy, but photos as well. Whether you’re going with custom photos you shoot with a professional photographer or stock photos you find online, you have to keep your audience’s needs in mind. For example, if your audience young or old? Tech savvy or behind the times? These are the questions you need to be constantly asking yourself to post approachable content. The worst advertising approach you can take is one that does not consider the likes and needs of your audience.

6. Don’t Use Stills From Videos in Your Advertising

If you already have a promotional footage from a previous advertising effort, try not to use a still from this video for your print advertising. Though you may think this will save you a few dollars, there are limits to saving a buck. The quality from video stills is usually not good enough to appear clearly in printing and resizing. The resolution is not high enough and so your images will appear blurry. They simply will not have the visual composition needed to create a successful ad campaign. While they may be more expensive, the quality that a photographer can provide is always well worth the money.

Using product photography in your advertising can be a great way to get the word out about your business and what you have to offer. This is doubly true when the photography is taken and used correctly. However, if you use bad or low-quality photos, you can negate all of the benefits. Be sure to remember these tips if you want your next ad campaign to be successful.

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