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6 Times When You Will Wish Your Company’s Phones Were Up-to-Date

Workforces around the world have become more productive in recent decades as technology has improved at astonishing rates. The invention of the telephone tapped into productive potential that was lying dormant for all those years when people were only able to conduct business face-to-face with each other or via physical correspondence that would take days or weeks to reach its destination. The innovation of email did the same, unleashing productivity growth that experts and executives are still trying to harness for its full power in the workforce today.

Technology can make or break a company. The right technology can help employees stay clear-minded, uncluttered and innovative; the wrong technology can make employees jump over unnecessary hurdles, waste precious hours in the office and cause important action items to be delayed or even disappear.

Phones are rapidly developing still today, and investing in the right phones can make all the difference for companies of every size and ever industry.

Here are 6 times you will wish your company’s phones were up-to-date:

1. When voicemails and calls go missing.

Voicemails and logs of missed calls are an important way that employees stay on top of their ever-growing task lists. Outdated phone systems can be unreliable and make it difficult for employees to access their logs and voicemails. At times like that, employees will wish their company’s phones were up-to-date.

2. When employees want to do a conference call.

In a 2014 Harris poll of hiring managers and human resources professionals profiled by Forbes, 23 percent of employers indicated that meetings were the primary way they lost productivity and wasted time at work. It’s a well-known fact for many people that meetings can involve too much small talk, meaningless deliberation and end up wasting everybody’s time. With a phone system that prevents unnecessary meetings, everyone could hop on impromptu conference calls on an as-needed basis instead of corralling in the conference room for a long-winded meeting.

3. When employees want to go wireless.

Today’s world is connected 24/7/365 through the world wide web, so why shouldn’t your phone system be? Industry news and innovation doesn’t stop when your employees steps away from their desk for a coffee break, and it can be overwhelming for many people to return to their desk and feel drowned in the weight of catching up on what happened when they left. With the right equipment, employees can stay connected to work on their phones even when after leave their desk. They can set reminders and alerts to interrupt them only when necessary, so they don’t feel constantly plugged in while staying on top of their tasks at the same time.

4. When your competitors are saving money.

If your competitors are doing the same thing as you with fewer expenses and higher margins, your company is not as competitive as it should be. Many phone plans like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) can save money by releasing you from the burden of paying for extra phone lines. The latest phones also allow employees to be at their most efficient, saving everyone time and money.

5. When the quality of the audio is poor.

It doesn’t represent your company well when an important client calls and hears static in an important and sensitive conversation. It may reflect on your company as a whole. Updating your company’s phones will help make sure that nobody has anything besides the best impression of their interactions with your enterprise.

6. When your staff wants flexibility and you want to attract the best talent.

A recent study by Accenture profiled in The Huffington Post notes that more than 75% of employees believe technology has enabled them to be more flexible with their schedules. This comes at a time when work-life balance is of great significance to all employees, and it’s a hot topic especially among white-collar workers. Investing in the right phone system can mean you’re able to attract and retain the right people as well.

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