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6 Things To Look for in a New Apartment

Choosing where to live is a big decision, which you should take time before making. This is a decision that affects you and your family. Searching for a new apartment can be tiring; however, it can also be very exciting. When searching for a new place, you have to careful not to make rash decisions without considering the long term effects of settling for that particular apartment. Before you sign any documents, make sure there are no terms that you do not understand. Here are 6 things to look for in an apartment.

  1. Security

Security of the house is a very important factor to consider. Here are a few things you need to assess to determine whether the apartment is secure or not:

Check whether all exterior lightings are in good working condition

  • Look at the windows to make sure they lock and close properly
  • If there is a security code for the apartment, ensure that you have it
  • Check the doors leading to the outside of the house for signs of break-ins.

Once the above things are clarified, you will know whether there are additional charges you might have to cater for to get security. If your apartment is in a large building, ensure that there are working security cameras.

  1. Pet Policy

This is perhaps one of the things that people forget to consider when moving into a new apartment. The policy on pets in the apartment should be very clear. Some landlords allow pets, while others do not. Go through the lease agreement carefully looking for what it says about animals. In some cases, you might be required to pay pet security deposits. Many landlords are now using pet friendliness as an advertising strategy.

  1. Price and Deposits

Check to know how much you are required to pay for leasing the apartment. Can you afford it without putting too much financial pressure on yourself? The first thing you should consider is your budget. You can carry out some research to know how much rent others pay in the neighboring apartments. If you decide to settle for an expensive apartment, look for other ways to reduce on expenses. You can also look for roommates to help make the burden easier. You should be careful with apartments that charge unusually low prices compared to others. In order to get a good deal on an apartment, you have to study the market to know what the rates are for your type of apartment in your area.

  1. Cell Phone Service, Internet

When you visit the apartment, look to make sure that there is enough cell phone signal. You also need to ask the owner about internet and cable. Ask if there is Wi-Fi and whether or not it is free. Ask if the landlord has partnered with other internet and cable providers, or whether you can be allowed to bring yours.

  1. Make Sure Everything Works

Prior to paying for the house, you have to check inside every room and confirm that everything is in good working order. Go to the kitchen and check that all the drawers are working well. Ensure that the kitchen sink is also draining water well. Also, check the bathroom to see if the toilet flash is work well. If there are defective things, talk to the landlord to have them all fixed.

  1. Utility Costs

Utility costs are a good factor to consider. There is a chance that you will be paying for a number of utilities for as long as you live there. Things such as water, AC, sewer, gas, and garbage among others are paid for as long as you are still in that house. However, some utility bills come together with the rent. Therefore, where you are not sure what bills are yours and the landlord’s, ask then take the necessary measures.


You should be very careful when looking for a new apartment. Do not let the excitement blind you from seeing what is more important. Renting a house may be less expensive compared to buying but it is equally good to be careful what deals you get into.

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