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6 Surprising Tips for Deciding Who Will Help Choose Your Bridal Gown

You’ve got the man, you’ve got the ring, and now you just need the dress. When it comes time to head to the shop, you might be inclined to bring your entire wedding party with you. For some brides, this option might be fine, but for most, bringing everyone just isn’t going to work out in your favor. So who do you choose to go with you when you’re going to find the gown of your dreams? Luckily, there are six tips that are quite surprising to help you decide who the lucky group will be.

1-Get People You Trust

It is important to remember that you want people around you that you trust, especially when you are trying on something as important as wedding gowns. The people you trust could be anyone from your mom to your best friend, but you should remember that not everyone is trustworthy. Those closest to you will be able to tell you whether the dress looks good on you or not, and they will be able to offer a viable opinion on each dress. As the bride, you should always remind your group that you have the final decision on which dress is best for you just like Buzzfeed suggests.

2- Find People Who Support You

Having people behind you who support you is perhaps one of the most important decisions you can make. When you are trying on gown after gown, and you are searching for the one that you like best, you need people in your corner who will support your dream idea, not their idea of what your dress should look like. If the people you are bringing with you don’t seem prepared to support your ideas, you can speak with them about your initial ideas for your dream gown. You are the bride, after all. Consider what The Guardian has to say about having good support behind you.

3- Choose People Who Won’t Rush You

There is one thing you don’t want to do when shopping for your wedding dress and that is a rush. Rushing might mean missing out on a great dress, or it might even mean settling for a less than perfect dress. You don’t want to feel rushed when you are in the middle of such an important shopping trip. Before you head to the dress shop to start looking, you need to make sure that the group you are choosing to bring with you won’t rush you when you are trying on your fifth dress of the day. Remember, this day is about you. If you want to take your time trying on different dresses, you have the option to do so.

4- Bring People That Take Pictures

Finding the best dress isn’t complete without having pictures of the fun times. In a day and age when pictures are part of the norm, it isn’t unusual to have pictures of such a momentous occasion. However, you don’t want to be the one snapping pictures of yourself in the mirror. When choosing your group of people to come along, you might want to consider bringing someone who loves taking photos. Another great benefit of having photos of every angle of the dress has the ability to see yourself from every angle in the dress. When you are having second thoughts about your dress, you can look back at the photos to remember why you chose it.

5- Don’t Bring a Crowd

“Too many people in the dress shop can become crowded and congested,” said Allure Bridals. This could seriously hurt your shopping experience. Another negative thing about bringing too many people is the inability to get a single opinion. You might have one guest saying one thing and other guests saying something else, which can hurt your ability to tell which is the better opinion. Just like bringing people you trust and people who are supportive, you should keep your list of guests to a minimum. Too many people can be a problem.

6- Choose People That Are Honest

Having honest people in your corner can be extremely helpful. More often than not, a bride will have an idea of a silhouette of their head, but their body shape just doesn’t mesh well with the silhouette. Having a group of people that is honest with you can mean the difference between you buying a dress you think looks good and a dress that compliments your figure. It all comes down to who you trust and who supports you the most. These people will be completely honest with you.

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