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6 Smart Props to Customize For Your Wedding’s Photo Booth

Photo booths have become all the rage for modern weddings with good reason. These lively booths provide entertainment for wedding guests of all ages and fill time gaps frequently left by wedding party photography and other transitions. Photo booths also provide an inexpensive keepsake for wedding guests that they can enjoy for years to come. Many modern wedding planners incorporate the use of professional photographers to create memorable scenes in wedding photo booths. Though professional preparation always adds a nice touch to wedding booths, couples who can’t afford professional services will be happy to learn that a fun and engaging wedding booth is simple to create and can be built with virtually any set of props. The following list contains six props that can be customized in a variety of ways to create a perfect wedding photo booth.

1- Barnyard Chairs

Barnyard chairs may seem like a mundane piece of furniture to add to a photo booth but they can actually add a great amount of character to an otherwise plain assembly. In a piece published by the wedding website, Dear Pear Flowers, the editors show how rustic barnyard chairs can be beautifully arranged around a cedar tree to create an ideal photo setting. Barnyard chairs can be painted to look edgy, rustic, or even futuristic to fit any wedding theme.

2- Burlap Wrapped Wall

Burlap wrapped walls are also useful for the development of creative wedding photo booth settings. By wrapping a long piece of plywood in burlap, wedding planners can successfully integrate a multitude of different themes into the photo booth. Burlap walls can be adorned with mystic bulb lights for evening appeal, dressed with tropical flowers to accommodate an island themed occasion, or decorated simply with a wreath or banner. Implementing the use of a burlap wrapped wall in a wedding photo booth can create a multitude of decorating possibilities.

3- Giant Trifold

Large trifolds are becoming more and more popular in modern weddings for photography booths. For this photo booth theme, cardboard trifolds are used as a backdrop for the wedding photos. This backdrop can be decorated simply with a few, well selected color themes, to emphasize other props that will be used in the photo booth. Large trifolds can also be dramatically dressed to suit an elegant wedding theme.

4- Drapes

Drapes can be included in wedding photo booths in a variety of interesting ways. By draping a set of old wooden doors or a makeshift stage, wedding planners can create a closed photo booth that is reminiscent of booths that were typically found in old Hollywood settings. Draping is also an incredibly easy task that lends itself easily to versatile decorating.

5- Wooden Accents

Taking a quick tour of the Pinterest wedding section will show that wooden accents have become a very popular and useful prop in the do-it-yourself wedding booth trends. Wooden accents make great props because they provide a sense of tradition and history while reinforcing the beauty of photography scene. Elegant wooden signs and framework are excellent examples of wooden accents that can help create a beautiful photo booth.

6- Small Trailers

Small trailers have been used, as of late, to create a thematic approach to wedding photo booths. In a piece published by Forbes regarding the popularity of photo booths in modern weddings, one wedding planner discusses the innovation involved in preparing a mini trailer for use during a wedding reception. By turning trailers into photo booths, wedding planners are able to create a hands-on experience for wedding guests that will be memorable for years to come. Although some wedding planners may fear that small trailers may be too expensive to incorporate into the photo booth, these facilities are usually easy to find for low rates. The trailers that many people have used as photo booths are often salvaged from junkyards and revitalized for use during the wedding reception.

Wedding planners have a wide variety of creative options to choose from when developing a wedding photography booth for receptions. This outlet allows wedding planners to incorporate personal wedding themes, entertaining games and photo filters, and even an element of costume design into their booth designs. By creating engaging photo booths, many wedding planners have unwittingly developed many guests’ favorite portion of the celebration.

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