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6 Print Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Assessing useful marketing strategies for your business likely means reviewing the company’s social media accounts and polishing up digital advertisements. However, even with the first fifth of this century in the books, employing print-marketing techniques is still wise. In fact, you can bolster your company’s print-marketing strategies using some helpful tips.

Incorporate Offers

Based on information from the Huffington Post, one major benefit of print advertisements is the ability to integrate tangible items. In other words, you can include coupons with your print advertisements and other marketing material. While savvy shoppers can certainly search for coupons online, marketing material that delivers coupons directly to them is quite useful and efficient. In fact, you can offer some coupons that are available through print advertisements only to make these marketing strategies even more effective.

Integrate Content

If you are up-to-date on effective advertising strategies, you certainly know the benefits of content marketing. While you cannot integrate videos into a print-marketing campaign, you certainly can incorporate photos and articles. The articles could come from members of the community or from employees at the small business. Owning a small business means that you can create a close connection with customers, and crafting interesting, eye-catching articles that your target audience members will enjoy can certainly help to boost your reputation and builds bonds with the community.

Bring in Reviews

Print advertisements also allow you to showcase reviews from real people. For example, you might have customers who are willing to provide a review for the advertisements and allow you to use their pictures next to the review. Since you own a small business that likely has a local appeal, people who receive the advertisements and read the reviews might recognize some of the reviewers as individuals whom they know from the community. Consider the power of reading a review from a familiar face.

Advertise Events

You absolutely must advertise events. Simply think about the number of people who seek out events in the area on social media or the internet. Instead of making your customers find this information by themselves, you can bring the necessary material right to them. For example, your business might play host to an event where customers can snag promotional items and book immediate consults with staff members. Perhaps your company is going to appear at a local event. Let your current and potential customers know this information through the advertisements.

Use Inserts

Wikipedia reminds businesses of the importance of using inserts. Your own print-marketing materials are certainly important in appealing to new customers and reminding past customers of the positive experiences that they had. However, you should look for opportunities to include inserts in other publications. Look into getting your inserts into the weekly circular or the newspaper that goes out to the local area. Make sure to choose the publications wisely; you do not want your business advertisements to come across as spam.

Refer to Your Online Presence

Of course, you should still refer to your online presence in your print advertisements. For example, you can let individuals that if they would like to learn more about specific features of your business or check out a full inventory of your business, they can go to your website or to your social media accounts. In this way, your print advertisements can actually act as advertisements for your online marketing campaigns. At first thought, you might envision that all people are already visiting your websites and social media accounts, but you must consider your target audience. If your target audience members are not avid social media users, for example, they might not even have considered that your business would appear on social media.

Some people might tell you that the time has come to give up on print advertisements. Do not let this information cause troubles for your business. Instead, focus on the benefits of print advertisements that still exist while incorporating useful techniques for fueling these marketing materials.

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