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6 Moments You Will Be Glad You Had Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is one of the most powerful digital tools that computer scientists have developed in the past few years. It allows users to store their data in a central repository which they can then access from essentially anywhere in the world. That provides a huge variety of benefits, including protection from data loss, convenience when sharing information, and a reduced dependence on physical access to specific computer systems. Those benefits are useful at most times, but there are a few moments where they stand out for being absolutely vital.

1- Computer Failures

Computers are powerful, but they do fail from time to time. That can cause serious problems for a company that needs to access the data that is stored on a broken computer. Regular backups can avoid most of the problem, but a failure can still cause a delay while the IT teams work to restore it from the backups. Using cloud storage makes problems with any single machine irrelevant, since the data can be accessed from any other authorized system. That prevents delays due to technical failures, which can provide a level of reliability that is hard to beat.

2- Emergencies While Traveling

Business travel is always inconvenient, particularly for people who need access to information at all times. People who rely on traditional storage methods need to call or email people who are in the office so they can send out copies of files as necessary. It is possible to do that in an emergency, but it is slow, inconvenient, and not always as reliable as it should be. Since cloud storage is not tied to a specific location, traveling workers can get the data that they need at any time without relying on help from the rest of the business or worrying that the files will get send to them too late to be useful.

3- Relocation

Cloud storage also makes it easier for businesses to move into a new location. Any business that does not rely on cloud storage needs to make sure that all of their computers move with them and that none of them suffer damage during the move. That can be fairly challenging, especially for business that rely on a large number of machines. Cloud storage provides insurance against damage to the computers during transportation and opens up the possibility of selling the old machines and buying new ones at the new location after moving.

4- Upgrades

Most systems need frequent upgrades for security purposes. Unfortunately, those upgrades occasionally cause problems that can lead to data loss or even complete computer failures. Cloud storage does not eliminate the need for regular updates in most cases, but it does mean that the business is less likely to lose data due to a fault upgrade to their systems. Most cloud storage services will also handle all of the upgrades for their own systems, which means that the business can often save some time by relying on the cloud system for part of its security program.

5- Expansion

Successful businesses grow, which often means expanding computer systems. In many cases, that means identifying the existing files that need to go onto the new computers and laboriously copying them over. That isn’t always a big deal, but it can take up a lot of time and effort when a large number of computers are getting prepared at once and they all need a different set of files. Cloud storage won’t eliminate all of the work, but it will cut down on the effort involved in the process, so the expansion can go slightly faster and more pleasantly for everyone.

6- Telecommuting

Telecommuting is becoming more and more popular because it can save money, improve employee morale, and offer other benefits to businesses. One downside to telecommuting for businesses that use traditional information storage is that it can be hard for the telecommuting employees to access the files that they need. Cloud storage solves that problem, because anyone who is authorized to access the stored files can do it from any location that has access to the Internet. That saves the telecommuters from having to request help from another employee, which makes them much more efficient.

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