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6 Moments When You Will Need a Cigar

For most cigar lovers, every moment is the perfect moment to enjoy a cigar. There are, however, certain occasions that are tailor-made to celebrate by lighting up a cigar. If you’ve experienced any of the following milestones, it’s time to whip out your favorite box of cigars:

1. Trying Your First Cigar

Never smoked a cigar before? The moment you’re able to get your hands on your first cigar is the perfect occasion to enjoy your first time smoking one. Whether you’ve just turned 21 or this moment has somehow escaped you all these years, engulfing in your victory stick is the right way to live out this moment.

Enjoy this rite of passage with friends that know the ropes. They’ll be able to choose the best cigar for you and will make the entire experience that much more pleasurable.

2. Graduating from School

Undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate graduations all have one thing in common: they should always be accompanied by a cigar. These accomplishments are no easy feat and deserve to be elaborated in full. Whether you go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, celebrate with a night out on the town, or have an intimate evening with loved ones at home, enjoying a cigar is an excellent way to end the night.

As you look forward to what lies ahead in your future, taking a deep draw of your cigar allows you to soak up the victory in the moment. As you share this experience with friends and family, you’ll remember this moment for the rest of your life.

3. You’re Getting Married

Getting married is earmarked by several cigar-worthy moments. Whether it happens when you get engaged, when you announce your engagement, at the bachelor party, or on the day of your wedding, celebrating your matrimony with a cigar is almost tradition. This special occasion deserves a special cigar that is unique and allows you to truly reflect on this beautiful moment.

After you celebrate your marriage by smoking cigars with your loved ones, it is a good idea to gift them with cigars to take home as well. This way, they’ll be able to remember this moment and celebrate your lovely marriage whenever it is they enjoy the cigar again.

4. The Birth of a Child

The miracle of birth it a turning point in anyone’s life. This historic event can and should be enjoyed through the tradition of cigar smoking. This celebratory experience can be shared at any event leading up to the birth or as you gather with family and friends after the birth (without the baby present, of course).

Bringing a new life into the world deserves a celebration as special as your favorite cigar. As you prepare to take on your new role as a parent, sharing a cigar-filled moment with your loved ones will remind you how blessed you are to experience this moment.

5. Personal or Professional Achievements

We all do what we can to get through life. Some days are good days, others are bad, and a few stand out as the most remarkable days of our lives. These days can be personal or professional achievements that you’ve been working towards for weeks, months, or years.

Whatever the occasion is for you, this accomplishment is deserving of praise and celebration. Whip out a box of your favorite cigars and savor the moment with your friends and family.

6. Retirement Party

After a life of hard work, retirement is something that deserves some major acknowledgement. While this certainly isn’t the last time to sit back with a good cigar, it is definitely one of the most deserving moments. Whether you’re saying goodbye to the working world forever or you’re leaving your current corporate life to dedicate yourself to other ventures, don’t forget to recognize this iconic moment for what it is: a celebration of you and all your hard work leading up to this.

One doesn’t need the right moment to enjoy a cigar, but if there was ever a perfect time to take part in some cigar smoking, it’s one of the above six milestones. Wherever you find yourself in life, remember to celebrate your success and enjoy every bit of life along the way. Whatever the occasion, light up a cigar and enjoy!

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