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6 Items to Bring With You During a Trip to the Gym

We’ve all had that moment when we’re at the gym and we’ve realized that we’ve forgotten something that we should’ve brought with us. Although some things can be left at home occasionally, some things are detrimental to a positive gym experience. Here are 6 items to bring with you during a trip to the gym.

1. A Water Bottle

It’s important to stay hydrated while you’re at the gym. At the very least, you should pack a small water bottle that you have bought from the store in your bag. If you can, purchase a larger water bottle designed for travel and fill it with ice and water before going to the gym. This way, you will remain cool and hydrated while you are working out.

2. A Change of Clothes

If you don’t plan on going home right after you hit the gym, it is important that you bring a clean change of clothes with you, according to Fitness 19. Make sure that they are packed in plastic bags to prevent any odors or dirt from coming in contact with them and fold them neatly so that way they will be able to be worn right after you finish working out. If you don’t have enough room in your bag or if you are worried that they are going to be wrinkled, pack them separately.

3. Personal Hygiene Products

Even though you are going to get sweaty and dirty while you are working out, you will still need to bring certain personal hygiene products to the gym. Some of the most important products that you should carry with you include deodorant, cologne/perfume, and face cleaning products. These products will help to keep you clean and smelling great even after you’ve finished your workout. If you plan on showering at the gym, make sure to bring soap or body wash and shampoo.

4. A Towel

Although most gyms will provide you with a towel and a spray bottle to clean off the equipment before and after you use it, it is safer to bring your own towel with you to the gym. This will keep you from catching colds and other illnesses. Remember to wash your towels after using them as well and have a pile of towels designated for gym use only.

5. Healthy Snacks

Snacks are great for before and after your workouts. Bring along snacks such as apples, bananas, trail mix, or protein bars to the gym. If you feel like you need an energy boost at any time during your workout, you will have easy access to the snacks. Keep these in their own plastic bags as well to prevent them from being touched by the other dirty items in your gym bag.

6. Proper Gym Attire

You can’t go to the gym wearing skinny jeans and a leather shirt. If you want to get the most out of your workout, you are going to need to wear loose shorts, a loose shirt, and a good pair of running shoes that support your feet. Make sure that you have these packed in your bag before you go to the gym or that you put them on before going to the gym.

It’s important to know what you will need to take to the gym before you leave. Some things aren’t necessary to bring along for a trip to the gym but some things must be taken if you want to have a good experience. If you plan on going to the gym soon, use the guide above to help you pack your bag with all the necessary items the night before.