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6 Innovative Ways to Care for Granite Countertops

If you have a knack for new trends and interior decorations, then you are no stranger to the fact that the kitchen space has been abuzz with a plethora of new trends over the past couple of years. From the lustrous and shiny stainless steel to recycled cabinets, it almost seems like things just keep getting better and better over the years in as far a kitchen décor and overall outlook go. In fact, according to a survey carried out in 2016, homeowners tend to shell out most of their money in the kitchen room, and that shows even in the kind of décor that they go for.

However, despite there being a budding variety of kitchen trends to choose from, granite countertops have surprisingly managed to remain quite popular in the kitchen scene with builders installing the stone in about 64% of the new home builds coming up. Nevertheless, keeping granite countertops in tip-top shape requires you to put to put in more effort and come up with more innovative ways of caring for it so as to maintain its sheen and gleam for years and years on end. And you will agree with me, considering how pricey granite slabs are, the last thing you want to do is neglect your countertop and have to replace it every so often over a short span of time. That being said, we are going to tackle a complete guide on how best to care for your countertop so buckle up and join us as we explore all it is there is to know about the matter. But first, let’s take a little detour and explore the various benefits of granite.

Benefits of Granite:

  • Granite comes available in an amazing array of colors that buyers can choose from.
  • Granite doesn’t harbor bacteria and mold.
  • Its maintenance is fairly easy.
  • It is impervious to stains, denting and scratching.
  • Granite slabs have a natural, sophisticated look that further adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • It is durable.

How to Care for Your Countertop

1- Seal the granite. Just as with other natural stones you can think of, granite is also porous. This means that it is susceptible to stains and bacteria until it is sealed. And while it is quite possible to leave them unsealed without any consequences, sealing helps protect their finish as well as helps keep them looking pristine and tip top for a much longer period of time. However, since the sealer on the granite tends to deteriorate over time, you can seal your countertop twice a year for best results.

2- Treat stains and spills immediately after they occur. Since it is inevitable for spills and stains to accidentally get to the countertop surface when they do it is important to blot them up with a paper towel as promptly as you possibly can.

3- Use coasters and placemats on your countertop. Although granite doesn’t scratch if sealed properly, it is important to be extra cautious as you go about placing items on top of the countertop to further protect the surface. For instance, using placemats and coasters under cans, glasses, and bottles will help in further protecting your countertop from staining.

4- Place trivets or hot pads under pans and pots. Despite the fact that granite surfaces can ideally tolerate excessive heat; they can still get scratched by the grind that is at the bottom of your cookware.

5- Avoid using acidic cleaners. Although bleach, degreasers and acidic cleaners are quite effective in cleaning surfaces, they should be avoided when cleaning granite surfaces because they deteriorate the granite sealer and make the surface susceptible to damage.

6- Use a cutting board for chopping and cutting foods instead of cutting your ingredients on the countertop surface. This will help protect your surface from both scratches and dents brought about by the sharp knife.

Since granite materials are quite pricey and no one wants to keep replacing them every now and then, it is important to ensure that you keep them properly maintained at all times. With the above tips, you will have an easier time keeping your kitchen space in tip-top shape all day every day.

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