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6 Important Benefits of Having a Back Deck

Are you thinking about sprucing up your backyard? Depending on how much space you have and what you are thinking about, you may have quite a few different options for achieving that goal. One great way to improve your backyard is by adding a back deck to your home, especially if you enjoy spending time outside when the weather is nice. Here are six of the many benefits of having a back deck.

#1 A Deck Will Add Livable Square Footage to Your Home

A deck will give you and your family a little more living space, especially when the weather is nice. It’s also somewhat secluded from the rest of the home, making it an ideal spot to sometimes retreat from a hectic house. It’s almost like have an extra room without the expensive cost of a home addition. 

#2 It’s Great for Family Time

If you have a deck, chances are pretty good that you’ll have a seating area, probably a table and chairs, and even a grill. A deck almost turns into an extension of your kitchen, which is usually the hub of your home, where a lot of your family bonding time takes place.

You’ll find yourself spending more time outside on your deck with your family, enjoying the beautiful weather, instead of being cooped up inside of the house. It just turns into a nice place to have some quality time. 

#3 A Deck is a Safe Place for Children

You can have a deck built with rails along the sides, allowing for gates to be installed as well. It creates a safe, secure area for little ones when they are outside with you. 

You can even design your deck with certain areas that are off-limits for children. Areas with plants can be especially tempting for little fingers. And, you would want any grilling or cooking area to be safe and secure. 

#4 A Deck Can Be a Safe Spot for Pets

While the same railings and gates will keep your pet contained, you might need to add a little reinforcement, depending on the size of your pet and how much space there is between the slats of the railings. 

Of course, you still need to take them out for potty-walks, but having your railings secure will keep them safe when they are on the deck with you. And, they might even like to just go out there sometimes to get some fresh air. Decks make great napping spots.

#5 They’re Ideal for Parties

That extra square footage will not only come in handy for you and your family, it’s also perfect if you are planning on hosting any parties. On nice days, you’ll be able to move the get-together outside. 

Having those summer parties on your back deck is a great way to enjoy some beautiful weather, while giving your guests a little more freedom to move around. And, all of that party mess will be outside, making is much easier to clean afterwards. You can even do some of the cooking outside. 

#6 A Back Deck Will Increase Your Home’s Value

One of the greatest advantages of home ownership is watching your financial investment grow over the years. Adding a back deck is one way to increase the value of your home. You can take advantage of your home’s value in a few different ways. 

  • Periodically, lower interest rates may interest you in refinancing your mortgage. If you owe significantly less than your home is valued, you can actually pull out some cash for other home improvements.
  • Obviously, if you decide to sell your home, having a back deck makes your home worth more money.
  • You’re investing in your future. Any major home improvements will more than pay for themselves as the years go by.

The biggest benefit of having a back deck is that it’s there whenever you need it. It really is just nice to be able to comfortably sit outside on a beautiful summer day, lounging and listening to the sounds of Mother Nature at its best. Having a back deck gives you an area that is ready for those relaxing times whenever you are. 

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