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6 Fun Ideas to Make Your Child More Comfortable with Anesthesia

Needless to say, a child and virtually all medical procedures don’t mix well and it is important to always be enhancing patient care. Even if it is just a simple check-up, the uncomfortable environment that many hospitals and clinics have can cause crying, tantrums, and anything else that shows that a child does not want to be there. Worth mentioning, these behaviors are only magnified with more serious procedures such as anesthesia with children. By all accounts, anesthesia is one of, if not the most, uncomfortable and scary medical experience that a child has to go through. The sight of foreign medical equipment such as anesthesia masks can be unbearable for children. For these reasons and more, the goal of a child going under anesthesia should always be to provide comfort in any way possible. This includes going out of your way as a parent to meet any needs and wants that might convince them that they will be okay. Depending on the child, this list of ways to comfort them can be quite long. With this in mind, let’s go over six fun ways to make your child more comfortable with anesthesia.

#1: Explain Anesthesia Through a Book or Story

Storytelling is always a good way to explain something to a child. It can be a way to teach a lesson, answer questions that they might have, and other similar benefits. Given the many benefits to storytelling, it could also be a way fun way to explain and make them comfortable with anesthesia. It doesn’t even have to be from a hardcover book either. A made-up and imaginative story can work just as well as any other book can. The more creative and personal the story is, the more comfortable they might feel.

#2: Show Them Videos of Funny Anesthesia Videos

One of the funny things about anesthesia is that it takes people out of their conscious state. This results in some hilarious reactions post-anesthesia that is fun to watch. This could be another way to a fun way to make them comfortable with this procedure. If a child can see the funny or bright side if a situation, they might be more eager to try it themselves. With that said, the same applies to a procedure as serious as anesthesia.

#3: Ask for Fun Hospital Tours

One of the proven ways to bring comfort to a child in a location like a hospital is by taking them on educational tours. We have to remember that a child’s mind is very curious. This is one of the reasons why they are often scared of unknown producers like anesthesia. That said, if they can learn as much as they can about a hospital or medical procedures, they might realize that it is not as scary as they thought.

#4: Make a Fun Compromise With Them

When it comes to convincing a child to do something for their benefit, compromising is one of the most effective ways to do it. However, it is important to not confuse compromising with rewarding them. Instead, offering them a fun bet or give-and-take game can create a scenario in which they will have something to look forward to if they go through with the procedure.

#5: Bring Their Favorite Toy Or House Item

What is more comforting to a child in an unfamiliar setting than a familiar item. In this case, a familiar item might be a favorite toy. Whatever you can do as a parent to bring a smile to their face in a situation such as this will do wonders at calming them down. Not to mention, it is a fun way for them to pass the time.

#6: Play Their Favorite Song or Movie to Relax Them

There are many scientifically proven benefits to music that can be amazing in a medical setting. Comfortable music is known for having benefits such as lowering the heart rate, quieting the nervous system, and other similar benefits. The fun part comes in when you bring in a song that a child likes. In the case that your child might be too young to have a favorite song, bringing their favorite movie works just as well.

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