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6 Essential Health Benefits Of Flossing Your Teeth Daily

While shopping for toothpaste, you should also look for dental floss. This oral hygiene product is a thin strand of polyester and cotton that fits between your teeth to remove food debris. Dental floss is typically sold in a small plastic case that is easy to carry with you, but you can also find dental floss picks and wands. In addition, you can use dental floss along the bottoms of your teeth to remove a buildup of plaque that is composed of bacteria and decaying food particles. Dental floss is an inexpensive product that provides multiple health benefits. Here are some of the ways that dental floss is beneficial for your well-being.

Dental Floss Benefit 1: Preventing Cavities In Your Teeth

By using dental floss once a day, you can prevent cavities on the sides or toward the bottoms of your teeth. Food particles tend to build up along the bottoms of your teeth or between your teeth, and this debris creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Unless you remove these bacteria, you are likely to develop cavities in your teeth in locations that are difficult to treat. To make flossing your teeth easier, find a flavor of dental floss that you enjoy. Manufacturers make a variety of dental floss flavors, including cinnamon, grape or mint.

Dental Floss Benefit 2: Preventing Bad Breath

If you have food stuck around your teeth, then you will probably have a foul breath odor. The food debris inside your mouth combines with saliva and bacteria to create plaque that has a bad odor. While you might brush your teeth with a great toothbrush and toothpaste, you also need to use dental floss to remove additional food particles from your mouth. Choose a dental floss that slides between your teeth so that you can remove as much food debris as possible.

Dental Floss Benefit 3: Preventing Gum Disease

The bacteria that multiply inside your mouth will seep into the gum tissue around each tooth, and it is possible to develop gingivitis. If you have gum disease, then your teeth can loosen in your gums, and your gum tissue will become swollen or bleed. This leads to increased sensitivity inside your mouth, making it difficult to chew nutritious foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits. Using dental floss each day can prevent gingivitis that can lead to a loss of teeth.

Dental Floss Benefit 4: Preventing Dental Root Infections

When bacteria are able to reach a tooth’s root, it can lead to a serious and painful infection. In some cases, a dentist can treat this type of infection by removing the buildup of pus from your gums. However, you may need a root canal procedure to save a tooth. Having a root canal is time-consuming and unpleasant because it involves drilling into the tooth to remove its pulp, nerves and roots. After the interior portions of the tooth are removed, the dentist fills the shell of the tooth with a durable resin before placing an attractive dental crown on top of it. The best time to use dental floss is at night before you go to sleep, but you can also use it when you have food stuck between your teeth.

Dental Floss Benefit 5: Keeping Bacteria From Entering Your Body

By removing the bacteria from your mouth, the pathogens won’t enter your bloodstream to infect your internal organs or bones. Some scientists believe that the bacteria from your mouth can damage your cardiovascular system, including your heart, arteries and blood vessels. The damage from the bacteria in your cardiovascular system may make you more susceptible for having a stroke or heart attack. Keep a container of dental floss with you to use after eating in a restaurant.

Dental Floss Benefit 6: Improving Your Overall Self-Esteem

When you have clean white teeth and fresh breath, other individuals react to you in a positive way. By flossing each day, you can avoid gum disease that leads to an unattractive smile. It is important to floss your teeth so that you will have a good reaction from coworkers, relatives and friends when you smile. Using dental floss is a valuable way to improve your overall self-esteem.

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