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5 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

By building brand awareness, your customers will begin to recognize your company’s assets with or without the company name attached. They’ll see your logo or imagery and know automatically that it’s yours. Increasing brand awareness will, in turn, increase customer loyalty and lower the cost of customer acquisition. Here are five ways to increase brand awareness.

Create infographics: visual content that people want to save and share

Infographics are unique because they consolidate masses of useful information into a single, easily-digestible image. Not only are infographics interesting and informative (and therefore, valuable) to most people, but it’s also easy to include branding on them. Infographics are shared frequently on all of the top social media platforms, making them a universally valuable asset for businesses to have at their disposal. A majority of people are visual learners, so infographics are more likely to go viral than most other kinds of media due to how much information they are able to communicate without much reading involved.

Host giveaways or contests

You can ask your followers on social media to tag a certain number of friends in your post in return for a contest entry. Get extra exposure by offering a new entry for each person they tag or share the post with. Try to make the giveaway as enticing as possible and more people will share, comment, tag, and like. Spread the word across multiple social platforms. Giving away products may seem like a scary idea, but hosting a contest on social media correctly will provide a return on your investment in the form of positive brand association and an influx of followers who will pay attention to your posts.

Use remarketing campaigns

Remarketing is essentially taking warm leads and following them around the internet until they follow through with a purchase. You can run remarketing campaigns on many ad platforms: Google Adwords and Facebook are two. One of the major differences between successful remarketing campaigns and unsuccessful ones is knowing when to stop targeting a customer. You want to use ads to gently remind your audience about your brand. You absolutely do not want to be stalking them around the internet. You can use frequency capping to set a daily, weekly, or monthly limit that will dictate how often a specific group of customers can be targeted. If you use remarketing, you’ll want to ensure that your privacy policy is in line with Google’s requirements.

Influencer marketing and partnerships

Find influencers on social media who can promote your brand to their customers. A social media influencer typically has a large following who is interested in what they have to say on a daily basis. To vet an influencer, look at their engagement rates and do all that you can to make sure that they actually have a committed following (they didn’t “hack” their follower count by purchasing followers or following and unfollowing other accounts). Also, consider their follower to engagement rate. If you’re consistently seeing 2-6% engagement (likes and genuine comments) on an influencer’s posts, you’ve probably got a winner.

You can also partner with other brands and personas. This can be as simple as “going live” together on Facebook or doing an Instagram takeover. It can also work for product launches, events, and other larger projects. Don’t work with a direct competitor, but try to find another business whose products or services complement your own. They’re likely to have a similar target demographic and following. Partnerships are great ways for both brands to gain exposure and new followers.

Write guest posts

Your brand can create content and have it published on larger platforms to utilize the larger website’s authority and following. For example, if you’re involved with marketing you can submit posts to KISSMetrics or Mashable. If you have an SEO business, try using Moz. Social Media Examiner is a big one for anything related to social media. You may have to guest post for multiple smaller websites before you’re able to get a post accepted for a larger one. That being said, guest blogging is a great way to make a lasting impression to a large audience earlier than you’d typically be able to do organically.

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