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5 Most Unique Car Decals

Decals are different from bumper stickers in that they are often raised, are cutouts and they may attach to your car with suction or a magnet instead of an adhesive. While car decals may seem unnecessary or a way of bragging and showing off, they make it easy for you and your family, especially kids, to spot your car amidst a sea of cars without having to memorize the license plate number. And if you’re going to put a decal on your car, then you might as well put one on that relates to you and your life. The most unique car decals these days are a mix of pop art design, cool fonts and one’s own ideals and opinions that may also hint at their personality. There a few unique car decal categories, and each can start a conversation or quickly let others know whether they have anything in common with you.

The Educational Brand or Sports Car Decal

Sometimes, it’s to let the world know that you’re the mother of a fifth grader who’s a star pupil, that you’re a Harvard grad or that you play for or support your school’s sports team. You can show your favorite team that you’re an avid fan and boost their spirit with the right decal. You will come across many of these in various designs and colors. Just be careful because if you go with abbreviations, a phrase or logo that isn’t necessarily unique to the brand you are intending to display, it might look like you are representing something else.

The Family Car Decal

These shouldn’t be seen as snobbish or that the owner feels some sense of entitlement to better treatment on the road. However, the truth is, some drivers are never ungrateful for a creative reminder to drive safely, and they get these reminders through decals, like “No Kids Here, but We Want to Live Too”, stick figures of every member of the family including the family pet and the baby’s teddy or “Baby on Board” decals.

Art Car Decals

These can be quite big and are a little too extravagant looking for some, but they still have their niche. Some come in the form of flames or speed lines on sports cars, others are more Henna design style and simply serve as a way to give your car an exotic look, while some are flowery and hide scratches or simply bling out the car in a different way or serve as a creative way to avoid a paint job.

Perks Car Decals

These are the ones you get from a business or government department, and in exchange for putting the company’s logo or name brand on your car or promote a cause, you get discounts, free parking, access to better driving lanes or other cool stuff.

Festive Car Decals

These usually go on around a holiday, and some stay in place until they fade. They are a nice way to personalize your car while sending out well wishes and spreading around an inspiring or uplifting message or image. You can get these in many different languages and scripts and even have them custom made. There are some really sweet ones and some pretty terrifying images that are perfect for Halloween.

Some of the most unique car decals lately are the Lives Matter decals. Whether it’s “Black Lives Matter”, “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter”, they send a powerful message and are signs of the times. Whether you’re showing you have attitude, sending out some love or making a stance politically, a unique car decal can get your message across perfectly while personalizing your car and possibly adding some decor to it.

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