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5 Tips to Taking a Smart Corporate Headshot

Headshots are a necessity in the business world. Clients want to know who is in charge of their accounts, and head-hunters want an idea of how you would present yourself to clients. Your headshot says a lot about who you are as a professional. Taking a smart-looking headshot to use for professional development purposes can help you make a name for yourself. Remember that headshots can be costly. Since you do not get too many chances to take one, it is important to get it right. These are five tips for taking your best professional-looking corporate headshot.

1. Pick Your Best Angle

Let the photographer know your best angles or keep it in mind if you are taking your own photo. When determining your best angle, think about side and height. If there is a feature on your face that makes you self-conscious, tell your photographer. They can position the camera to minimize flaws or accentuate one side of your face over the other. Likewise, taking a picture from an elevated height can be flattering as it reduces the appearance of double chins and thins the face.

2. Align Your Headshot with Your Brand

You should develop a professional brand that sets the tone for your social media websites, professional website and company website. You want to use your headshot across those platforms to build it into your brand. When designing the position or location of the headshot, keep your brand image in mind. Your photographer can create different scenes and backgrounds based on your needs. Consider what your expressions say about you and your brand. A serious look can display the same in a brand, while a full-face smile can come across as welcoming. What you choose ultimately depends on industry expectations and personal branding.

3. Dress to Impress

Wear clothes that you want people to see you in for a long time. Pick a professional outfit, such as a suit or a dress. Be comfortable no matter what you choose. A grimace of pain from pants that are too tight can come across in your headshots. Avoid neutral colors that make a headshot look dull. Wear a color that makes your eyes pop or a color that makes you feel confident. Just keep the patterns simple. Anything too busy keeps the focus away from your face and on your clothes. Make a clothing choice that compliments your personality rather than distracting from it.

4. Keep it Natural

When your company provides you with a headshot photo session, you likely do not have a say in the setting. If you are getting the photos on your own dime, make sure you choose a photographer who uses natural light. Skip the headshot of you at your desk in fluorescent lighting. Your features look better with natural light. It can also help reduce dark undereye circles, which makes you look fresh and ready to get to work. Opt for natural spaces outdoors with a backdrop or a studio that mimics natural light instead of the office.

5. Adjust before Taking the Shot

Throughout your day or even in the car ride to the studio, you are likely to smudge some lipstick or have hair fall out of place. As a last-minute precaution, make sure to look in the mirror and freshen up before the photographer takes your picture. Take items with you to the shoot. If the photographer is coming into the company, then keep items at your desk until it is your turn. Make sure to have a brush, extra make-up, and some wipes. Take a moment to wipe your glasses if you wear them. If you are getting your headshot after work, leave an extra outfit in your car in case you spill something on yours.

Headshots are a great way to introduce yourself to clients and make a name for yourself through your online presence. A bad headshot can haunt you for a long time. The best way to take a smart headshot is to prepare in advance. These tips can set you up for a successful photoshoot.

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