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5 Tips for Dealing with a DUI in Washington State

When it comes to having a DUI, you will find it has not only endangered everyone else’s lives on the road, but that it has now put an incredibly problematic mark on your permanent record. It may be difficult for you to keep and get a job with a DUI on your record, especially if driving is involved for your place of employment. What’s more, you can even lose your license in the state of Washington if you are found driving while under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. This is why it is imperative to get a lawyer who specializes in DUIs as well as to take certain steps in order to resolve a DUI in the state of Washington so that it does not have such a horrible impact on your life and future.

1. Pay All Fines

When you are detained for a DUI, you will be given information on the fines and penalties that you are required to pay. Failure to pay all of these fines will result in a warrant out for your arrest and jail time. For this reason, it is crucial that you pay all fines and penalties that you were given as a result of the DUI. If you are having a hard time paying the fines, there are many programs and payments plans that can be set up to make it easier for you.

2. Take a Safety Course

As part of having a convicted DUI, you may and should take a safety driving course. This is often mandatory in order to maintain your license and ability to drive on the road. This is often suitable for first time offenders, and it can easily be taken either online or in a local driving school. The course is important in that it helps to teach you the rules of the road and how to avoid and prevent a DUI in the future. These courses need to be completed fully in order for them to be valid in retaining your license.

3. Show Up for All Court Appearances

There may be one or more court appearances that will involve the DUI that you were just served. By showing up to the court appearance and dressing professionally, it improves your chances of having less of a penalty put against you. However, by not showing up at all or by dressing sloppily in the courtroom, you will find that you have the harshest judgement against you because of the DUI.

4. Attend Counseling

Counseling is essential for maintaining your license when you have recently had a DUI. This is helpful in correcting the harmful behaviors, whether it was alcohol or drug use and getting behind the wheel. It is important that you look into quality counseling to ensure that you are doing something right and are going to be successful in changing your future. You will enjoy what this counseling can do for you as well as know that it’ll be helpful in getting you to have a more promising future.

5. Never Do It Again

Now that you have recovered from your DUI and are still able to drive and live your life to the fullest, it is important that you never do it again. There is absolutely no reason for you to get behind the wheel of a car when you’re drunk or intoxicated. It is best to have a sober friend or relative drive you or to call a taxi that can come and pick you up. This prevents the chance of a DUI and harsher penalties in the future.

Even if you were convicted of a DUI in Washington state, this isn’t the end of the world. There are ways to recover and survive it, but it will take time and will more than likely involve quite a lot of fines and penalties. For this reason, it is important to never have a DUI again in the future, as the penalties for it will be much worse. You will want to talk to a lawyer if you are still having problems when it comes to getting help when being convicted and charged with a DUI so that you can receive help when needed.

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