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5 Things to Look For In a Great Construction Company

If you’re building a new business or home, adding on a new room, constructing a new apartment community, or completing one of hundreds of other projects, you’ll need a great construction crew to complete the job. Endless construction companies list their ads and services online, in newspapers, and elsewhere, but sadly, many of them are looking out only for their pockets rather than the individual or company spending their hard-earned money for the project. Rather than find yourself stuck with such a company, ensure that you hire the best construction crew from the start.

Finding a worthwhile construction company is simple when you know the important qualities to search for in that company. Use the Internet as your guide to reviews, testimonials, information from the Better Business Bureau (BBB,) and elsewhere to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly concerning the construction companies of interest to you. Word-of-mouth always provides great information, so don’t hesitate to ask friends, family members, social media acquaintances, and others for recommendations.

Don’t take risks when your money is on the line. When searching for a great construction company, ensure that you look for a company who offers the five qualities below, at a minimum.

License & Insurance

State license and insurance is a critical component of any worthwhile construction company. Never hire a company that lacks a license or insurance; you could find yourself in an abundance of trouble should something go wrong. Additionally, look for a company that holds accreditation from organizations like the American General Contractors (AGR) or the American Builders and Contractors (ABC.)


Experienced construction companies are those who’ve exceeded customer expectations, who possess the expertise needed to complete a project to near perfection, and who are passionate about the work they perform. Search for a company that has a few years experience underneath their belt. The more experience, the better you’ll feel about hiring the company to complete your project.

Good Reputation

The company reputation is important because if past clients aren’t satisfied, there’s a pattern that will likely result in the same feeling when your job is taking place. Use online reviews and information to learn what others think about the company, and avoid any that do not offer a positive impression. Be sure to ask around for advice concerning worthwhile construction companies in the area. Word-of-mouth is oftentimes a reliable source of helpful information. Don’t forget to ask for and check references, too!

Good Safety Record

Every construction company around should follow procedures for a safe workplace. Furthermore, there should be a good safety record following the company that indicates they follow rules, protocols, and procedures. This public information is available at no cost from the OSHA Contractor Safety Program.

Personal Impressions

When all’s said and done, what matters most when hiring a construction company is your personal attitude towards the professionals. Do they go above and beyond to meet your expectations? Are they prompt, helpful, and courteous? Are the prices reasonable? Is the work backed by a nice warranty? Your first impression matters when hiring a construction company. Ensure that you use it in combination with the other qualities to find a worthwhile construction company.

Final Thoughts

When there’s a project you want done the right way, don’t risk hiring the wrong construction company when it is so easy to find one that will exceed expectations if you aren’t afraid to do your homework. Ensure the construction company selected offers the five qualities above, at a minimum, and let the construction work begin!

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