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5 Signs Your Roof May Need Professional Help

Over the years, your roof has kept you safe from snow, hail and everything else Mother Nature threw at you. However, as durable as a roof is, it’s not impervious to damage or wear and tear.

Sooner or later, you may need the services of a professional roofing company. But knowing when to call can be confusing for some people, especially for first-time homeowners.

Continue reading to learn five signs your roof may need professional help.

The Shingles Aren’t Right

One common sign of a defective roof are shingles that start to curl or warp. Throughout the years, roof shingles can weaken due to the constant exposure of ultraviolet rays, strong winds and cold weather. When shingles warp, it becomes susceptible to moisture and might blow out if the wind is strong enough. One shingle won’t cause the whole roof to collapse, but it’s best if you have a professional inspect it, just to be on the safe side.

The Roof is Constantly Leaking

Roof leaks are another sign that you need a professional roof company. A leaking roof spells trouble in a variety of ways. It can cause the ceiling and walls to cave in and mold can start to form due to the water damage.

There are a lot of reasons as to why a roof may start leaking. The sealant may not be as effective as it once was, the roof was damaged in some way or perhaps the roof wasn’t installed properly. Keep in mind that if left unchecked, excessive moisture can start to enter into the interior walls of your home, which then becomes the perfect breeding ground for mold. If this occurs, it’s not uncommon to then need roof replacement in addition to drywall installation.

For these reasons alone, you need to tackle this problem as soon as you notice it. If left for too long, you may end up having to replace the entire roof.

The Roof is Outdated

Sometimes, there may not even be an underlying problem that warrants the attention of a professional. The roof may simply be too old. Having an old, outdated roof can cause rain to leak inside your home. The lifespan of a roof depends on what kind it is, but the average lifespan is at least 20 years.

The Rafters are Starting to Sag

If you notice the roof, specifically the rafters starting to sag downwards, you need to call a professional immediately. Sagging rafters are often caused by an excess of moisture from leaks. The rafters of the roof should always be straight. If you manage to catch the issue early, chances are you won’t have to worry about a complete roof replacement.

Your Utility Bills are Higher

This one may seem odd, buta faulty roof can actually be the reason why your bills are so high. This happens when the air your air conditioning or heat seeps through the cracks and holes in your roof. Damages like these are relatively easy for a professional to fix and once it is, you might see a significant drop in your bills.

With winter right around the corner, now’s the time to make sure you roof is ready for another round of Ole Man Winter. Contact a local roofing contractor for roof inspection today.

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