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5 Signs You Need to Trim Your Trees

Pruning your trees is more than just the aesthetic appeal. Their benefit goes beyond giving your home a perfect curb appeal. Moreover, it also gives you cover by preventing excessive property damage if you maintain your trees at home. When trees rot, they will cost you more to remove.

When you are a homeowner, high chances are that you are also a tree owner as trees are art of most homes in the United States. People have between one to a clump of trees in their homes or yards. Just like it is with keeping our homes, our trees must also be kept in a good condition. While they were made to live without our help, we can also help them live a longer life with pruning. When it comes to tree care, it should be an afterthought. Here are the five signs that your trees need a pruning expedition.

1. Crossing Branches

When branches grow untamed, they will end up crossing themselves leading to the crossed branches. When the tree branches tough one another, you expect much worse to happen. They never engage in a tender embrace. When the tree branches tough one another, they will rub each other or grind against each other in the wind. When the branches expose their skin to the air, they will be exposed to decay. In the end, they will rot and wind will blow them off. This action can cause damage to property as well as loss of lives on a busy yard.

2. Dead Leader Branches

A leader branch can also be referred to as the main branch of a tree stem. A tree can have one or more leader branches at the same time. One of the common trees with multiple leader branches is the Hybrid Cottonwood. If you see two dead leaders out of the five, the longest time your tree will live is five years. The hybrid tree dies within forty years but grows faster. While they are made to grow faster, they are not meant to have a longer lifespan as much as the indigenous do.

When a single tree has more than one leader, the leaders compete with each other to keep growing or living in one tree. The best way to allow the tree to focus on one channel is to cut the tree and leave the dominant channel. It will be more viable if the tree sends its nutrients to one channel.

3. Wandering Branches

The growth of untamed branches, also known as the wild branches in your trees, which reach the house or are growing towards the telephone line, is a clear indication that they need to be tamed before they do something worse to your property. These branches need to be pruned to avoid further damage to your house or telephone lines. While they are looking towards increasing the chances of losing your electrical power in your home, there are a wide range of damage the trees can cause your home if they fall down. They can also slide your roof or lead to other costly damages.

4. Uninhibited Growth

When trees don’t have competition and they are facing the sun, they can grow out of control. This means that they will increase in a dense network of branches that can break at any time due to their increased weight. When you plant trees where they are not originally growing, they may find favorable growth expeditions that can make them sprout with favor. Some forest trees are known to grow up in the forest. However, they can grow sideways if let to grow where there is no competition. This leads to heavy branches that can cause damage at any time. When leaves get heavy on the branches, they can fall down. The limb can also drop due to the weight of the branches as well.

5. Deadwood

Excessive deadwood is one of the signs you can’t afford to leave undone. This is a great sign that your tree needs pruning. It is also similar to plenty of broken branches. Sometimes, large deadwood sections can cause hazards. This is a sign that your tree is dying. The tree will start decaying without pruning. It will also be removed if not done within time.

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