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5 Reasons to Try a Clay Mask

All of us want to find that one product that will solve our skin woes and give us the healthy complexions of our dreams. Unfortunately, it seems to take a lot of trial and error to find skincare products that will not only treat your skin concerns, but not cause any further damage to your skin along the way.

One of the most tried and true skincare solutions is the clay mask. When used a few times a week, clay masks can be extremely beneficial for the skin in a myriad of ways. Here are five ways that clay masks benefit your skin.

1. They Help To Banish Acne and Oiliness

There are many different ways that people try to fight blemishes, blackheads and breakouts. One of the most popular methods is by using a chemical exfoliant like salicylic acid, which fights acne by sloughing away the oil and bacteria that causes it in the first place. While these products are a great way to maintain a clear complexion, they don’t work as a quick fix. A clay mask works to actually pull out the oil, dirt and grime that’s clogging your pores and causing breakouts. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who needs to clear up their skin quickly.

2. They’re Natural and Safe For Just About Every Skin Type

Anyone who deals with sensitive or easily-irritated skin knows how tough it can be to find a product that’s effective but won’t cause irritation and redness. Clay masks are all-natural products derived from clay, which means that they don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that can cause redness and increased sensitivity. In a world where just about every beauty product you use is packed with chemicals, it can be nice to take a break and use something that’s all-natural and completely safe for the skin.

3. They Help To Detoxify and Prevent Future Breakouts

Clay masks have a gentle yet effective vacuum-like effect, which is why they’re so essential in banishing blemishes. However, clay masks don’t just help in getting rid of the pimples that you already have. Indeed, they can also help to prevent future breakouts from forming. Acne and blackheads are caused by pores becoming clogged with oil and bacteria. Oftentimes, a pore is beginning to become clogged with bacteria before a pimple has even formed. Clay masks remove that dirt and oil, thereby preventing a pimple before it’s fully-formed.

4. They Tighten, Tone and Help You To Look Younger

Exfoliating away dead skin cells and oil isn’t just beneficial in preventing breakouts. Indeed, sloughing away these nasty elements from the skin can help your complexion to appear tighter and more toned, which thereby makes you appear younger. Of course, clay masks can be a touch drying, which is never good if you’re trying to appear more youthful. However, this is easily combatted by always following up a clay mask treatment with a rich moisturizer packed full of vitamins and skin-loving ingredients.

5. They’re A Great Way To Start A Self-Care Ritual

Don’t think that the only reason why a person would put on a clay mask would be to improve their appearance. While this certainly might be the top reason why people seek out clay masks and similar treatments, they also use them as part of their self-care rituals. Indeed, there’s a lot more to skincare than mere vanity. Giving yourself an at-home spa day where you apply a clay mask and relax is a great way to rejuvenate both your skin and your soul. There’s new evidence to show that self-care is just as important as exercise and proper diet when it comes to overall health.

You don’t need to use overly expensive skincare products to fight acne and encourage healthy aging of the skin. In fact, many of these products can do more harm than good. Instead, turn to a simple and all-natural skin solution that has been a resource for beautiful skin for generations. Remember, don’t overdo it when it comes to clay masks. They should be used one to two times a week and always followed by a good moisturizer that will put hydration back into the skin.

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