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5 Reasons to Take Your Children to Church

As a parent, you’re keenly aware of why attending church with kids is difficult. First, you’re perpetually exhausted. Whether or not you’re otherwise employed, childcare is demanding.

Arriving at church on time requires major preparation. Once there, you’re obliged to keep the kids quiet, entertained, or engaged, depending on their age. Still, spiritual experience molds children in wondrous ways. Here’s what unfolds by bringing your kids to church.

1. Your children encounter miracles.

By hearing biblical stories, your kids are awakened to divine intervention. They discover that an all-knowing, benevolent God can override natural laws.

In church, they learn about:

  • the supernatural birth of Jesus to a virgin woman
  • the mighty healing power of God, expressed through Jesus
  • the Lord’s capacity to subdue evil and disaster
  • the existence of angels, ready to strengthen, aid, and comfort people
  • the compassion of saints, poised to intercede when petitioned
  • restored life after death, due to Christ’s resurrection

By realizing that miracles transpire daily, your kids live with bright expectation!

2. They acquire values and morals.

Children learn the necessity of respecting authority, being truthful, and honoring you. They’re trained in virtues that promote success in life.

In the Bible, kids see practical examples of desirable traits, such as generosity, forgiveness, kindness, patience, and responsibility. Then, church members model these attributes, virtues in action.

Through joining spiritual practices, kids gradually develop self-control. Christian teachings foster healthy mental habits, like thinking well of others and being thankful.

Your kids aren’t likely to distinguish right from wrong by watching television, seeing movies, or playing electronic games. Even school may not help them acquire a sound conscience.

However, values and morals are woven into the very fabric of worship. They’re knit into heartfelt prayers and hymns. Bible-based sermons teach ethical behavior. You’ll be highly gratified, seeing the effects of church attendance on your kids.

3. They receive strength and inspiration to handle challenges.

Through bonding with Christ, your kids have a lifelong support system. They experience the solace that comes from answered prayer. They have the reassurance that they’re not alone, even when relationships fail. When met with disappointment, feeling God’s presence helps them rebound.

Frequently hearing scripture and hymns will impress them in your kids’ minds. Then, as they go through life, God’s Word will surface at opportune times. Christ’s insight brings knowledge and comfort, helping your kids brave the storms of life.

4. They obtain answers to baffling questions.

For example:

  • Why was I born?
  • Who created the universe? How and why?
  • What should I do when someone hurts me?
  • Why should I forgive people?
  • How come giving is better than receiving?

For questions that defy explanation, kids hone the conviction that their wise God has hidden answers. Over time, youngsters see blessings emerge from tragedies. When injustices occur in the lives of upright people, they don’t get embittered. They trust that kind deeds eventually rectify unfairness and evil.

5. They gain the security of spiritual community.

Church members comprise a family, with Jesus at the head. As your kids regularly participate in services, they’ll build relationships with other churchgoers. Within a loving parish, they’ll feel welcome and safe. Then, they’ll be able to share, learn, and grow in good company.

faith community acquaints your kids with generational and cultural diversity. They come to appreciate people of various ages, lifestyles, and ethnic backgrounds.

If your church offers Sunday School, children’s services, or religious education classes, try to take advantage of these activities. The friendships your children establish will motivate them to attend. Then, learning among their pals will be a fun means of cultivating faith.

If you have a teen and your church has a youth group, nudge them to join. Belonging will fortify them against hazardous peer pressure. Support from a youth leader and caring adults will help them make wise decisions.


For the vibrant seeds of churchgoing to take root, kids need consistency. If they balk at regular attendance, discuss what you derive from services. For children to enjoy spiritual practices, they need to see you delighting in them, too!

Explain the reasons for certain rituals, so your children understand their meaning. After services, talk about the scriptures, prayers, and hymns, to see what your kids have grasped.

Abundant Fruit

In church, kids learn about miracles, values, and morals. They gain strength for personal challenges and answers to daunting questions about life. Good role models and friendships are welcome influences on your kids.

Are you still reluctant? Here’s an encouraging letter from a fellow parent. Take your kids to church, and watch them flourish!

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