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5 Must-Have Swimsuits to Have in Your Closet

Summer is quickly approaching, meaning it’s time to replenish that hot weather wardrobe. But summer doesn’t only require new clothes. Our favorite pool and beachside attire needs updating, too and the selection is plentiful. From bright colors to classic black and white, full coverage to skimpy, sexy and romantic, and functional or for laid-back tanning only. Your choices include options for all moods and your personality. We’ve highlighted a few of this year’s trends and some of our favorites for you.


The sporty bathing suit will likely have your back (and front) for water activities. No missing tops, floating away in the water. If you’re in the mood for a vigorous swim or to merely giving the impression of such, a sturdy yet fashionable swimsuit is the choice. No longer the sole domain of the athletic companies, designers have branched out to add new styles. This includes a few one-piece options that closely resemble 80s workout leotards.

Ultra Feminine

Now is the time to fully indulge your inner girly-girl. This season’s swimsuit offerings are rife with soft colors and frills. Off the shoulder tops and bottoms alike are both adorned with ruffles. These tops, in particular, make it easy to transition from the beach to the boardwalk. Add a short, flirty skirt or a maxi and be on your way. Looking for a non-ruffle option? Bows are and flowers ever-present on this year’s suits, as well. These suits are ideal for a day of lounging poolside and snapping that perfect Instagram photo.

Tropical Prints

Embrace your bold side with tropical prints this summer. The prints can be as subtle or exaggerated as you can handle. You can choose a simple white and green palm leaf print or go with an explosion of color. The print also comes with an added bonus – it immediately uplifts your day with the infusion of that summer feeling.

Daring Cut-Outs

Cut-outs have made their way onto all of our clothing – our shirts, our skirts, our dresses, and our bathing suits. The edgy trend continues to appear this summer combined with new styles and prints. Pick from saucy one-piece peekaboos fit for Miami’s South Beach to minor cut-outs on the sides of bikini bottoms for relaxing in the Caribbean. Go even further with 2018’s popular front cutout, giving the garment the illusion of a bikini.

Back to Basics

Last, but certainly not least, is the basic bathing suit. This simple and minimalistic suit has returned stronger than ever. It’s a style you can count on day in and day out and it won’t let you down. Some might think of them as serviceable, but these are more classic. White and black are popular color choices this year. Choose one of these bathing suits and let your cover-up be the star.

Each of these bathing suits is sure to add a wealth of excitement to your summer. Take some time to figure out which cut works best for your body time then grab one of each these to be fully stocked for the season. Multiple choices allow you to select which to wear depending on your mood and location. After all, you can never have too many.

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