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5 Must-Dos at Table Rock Lake

Found in the Ozarks, Table Rock Lake is an artificial lake that provides entertainment for those visiting the Branson, Missouri area. If you love the lake life or the great outdoors in general, you’ll want to include a stop at Table Rock Lake in your Branson vacation plans. Here are five of the top things to do at  Table Rock Lake.

Eat at Table Rock Area71

You’ll find many restaurants around Table Rock Lake, and Area 71 is a local favorite for filling up with gas, buying supplies at the c-store, and grabbing a bite to eat. Located in Shell Knob, Missouri, Area71 is renowned in the Branson area for its frozen custard, a wide selection of fresh baked goods, and for having the best hamburgers in the region.

If you plan to visit Area71 and stay for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, be sure to call ahead and make a reservation. Lines can be on the long side during the heaviest tourism times of year. If you’re rolling up in an RV, fear not – Area71 accepts RVs for long-term parking with access to laundry, a fitness center, and wooded lots with lake views. The location is also a mere mile away from Campbell Point Campground.

Go Fishing

Table Rock Lake is stocked with bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, and white bass. The dominant species in the lake include the bluegill, some long-ear sunfish, white crappie, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass. Bass feed on the schools of shad that live in the lake, and that abundant source of food helps keep their population up. A small number of warmouth (red-eye), walleye, and striped bass can also be found living in the lake.

In summer, spotted bass are the favorite target fish and can be found in the off-shore waters at the low end of the lake. Spring is also a popular time for finding spotted bass as well as largemouth and smallmouth bass, but fishing goes on year-round on Table Rock Lake.

Go Parasailing

You can rent parasailing equipment at State Park Marina inside Table Rock State Park. The marina offers a number of water sports options as well as a marina store, a boutique, and a barbecue restaurant. Parasailing reservations are available at the top of each hour and are open to up to three people at a time, weight permitting. You only have to be five years of age or older. Life jackets are provided.

State Park Marina is open from March to October each year. Daily hours vary depending on the time of year you visit, so make sure you call ahead and make reservations when you want to go parasailing. You may be able to make reservations outside of the usual park hours.

Go Scuba Diving

Since Table Rock Lake is an artificial lake that was built in the 1950s, it was built with scuba divers in mind. There are many “ancient wonders” (artificial, of course) for scuba divers to see in the deep, clear lake.

Inexperienced scuba divers can take a diving course at State Park Marina. The minimum age for scuba diving lessons is ten. Equipment rental is included in the cost for the lessons.

Go Wakeboarding

You can rent wakeboarding equipment at Port of Kimberling Marina. Found in the city of Kimberling, Missouri, the Port of Kimberling Marina offers many options for those who want to participate in water sports on Table Rock Lake. If wakeboarding doesn’t interest you, you could try paddleboarding, water skiing, or renting a jet ski.

Whatever you decide to do at Table Rock Lake, you’ll enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere and beauty of the outdoors. Make some reservations before you go so you don’t miss out on the activity you most want to enjoy – except fishing, of course. The bass do not accept reservations.

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