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5 Meaningful Ways to Commemorate Your Loved Ones

Loss is unfortunately a part of life. The way we deal with that loss is going to be different for anyone. One way we can deal with the loss of someone close to use is by finding new and original ways to commemorate them either at the holidays or just on an every day basis. Obviously, the way you choose to remember the people that are important to you is going to be something that is deeply personal. While that is still the case, if you are wanting to find a way to celebrate the life of someone and hold them close in your heart, but aren’t really sure about how to get started, we have some ideas you can try out.

Include a piece of clothing into your own clothing

The idea of incorporating the belongings of someone who has passed on, into your own belongings is certainly not a new idea. We do it all the time when a loved one dies. The idea of going the next step and attaching a part of say, grandma’s favorite dress to your own favorite dress is a little bit different. By doing this, you cna go about your day, feeling as though your grandmother is with you. The same can be said if you want to put a piece of cloth in with your suit or tie. The back of the tie is actually a really good place for you to sew something. This will keep it from standing out, but every time you go to straighten or tie your tie, you’ll be able to brush that piece of fabric and be reminded of the person you lost.

Make a Christmas ornament with their picture

The Holidays can be the hardest times to have to go without that special someone in your life. If you are someone that takes great pride in decorating your Christmas tree with all kinds of special ornaments, think about decorating one of those ornaments with a picture of the person you’ve lost. In some degree, doing this will allow you to feel as though the person who has passed on is still kind of celebrating the Holiday with you. You can also take some joy in seeing their smiling face on an ornament as you walk in the room to check out your Christmas tree.

Cook their favorite meal from time to time

If the person you have lost was someone that had a meal that they loved to eat, whether it was something you cooked, or just in general, making that meal with the express intent of remembering them is a good way to honor that memory. Say Uncle Jim always loved your lasagna. Make one night a month “lasagna night” and cook the recipe he was especially partial to. You can sit around the dinner table and share your favorite memories of Jim while you chow down on a meal he would have been more than happy to take part in were he still around.

Maybe that special someone was a cook themselves. Cooking a meal out of their cookbook is a similar way to celebrate their life and remember the lasting effects they had on your life.

Create a memorial garden or garden plot

Planting a little spot in your front or backyard that is geared especially toward the person you are losing is another way to come up with some way to celebrate their life and keep them in your heart. This approach is especially poignant if the person you are honoring was someone who loved to do gardening or loved to spend time out in their yard. Even if they weren’t like that, planting a plot in their honor can still help you remember and celebrate their memory.

Memorial shadowbox

You likely have a photo or photos of the person that has passed on, but putting together a shadowbox can be a bit more personal, as you can put little things that signify them and what was important to them can be included. Then you can have this special little celebration sitting on your mantle, able to be viewed whenever you want.

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