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5 Innovative Ways to Use Gabions in Landscaping Design

Landscaping is a great way to make any space come alive. Plantings add interest from every single angle. It’s important to think about the entire area being landscaped before beginning any kind of landscaping project. This means thinking about where to place all plantings and any kind of grass cover in advance. One way to make any area attract attention and look great at the same time is with the use of innovative materials that stand out. Modern gardeners can find lots of ways to use items to add whimsy and bring the garden to the next level. Ideas that are about thinking out of the box are one way to create a space that shows off innovation and the ability to transform a space. Gabions can be an essential part of wonderful garden design.

1- A Standout Stairway

Many gardens have lots of levels that are need of a form of stairs. Stairs can be made of many materials. Creating gabions and using them as stairs can make it easy for people to get from one part of the garden to the next and provide them with something interesting to the eye at the same time. Gabions as stairs are an excellent way to add even more texture to the outdoor spaces. Careful crafting can make sure that the stairs won’t bend even under any kind of heavy load. Top with plants and create an entirely unique and functional additional.

2- Storage for Garbage Bins

Storage space can be at a premium in any yard. Designating specific areas for the garbage bins on garbage collection day has many benefits. It allows the owner of the property to hide the garbage bins when they are not in use. It also provides an easy way to add height to a garden that might otherwise be flat. This also adds more privacy to the entire space and makes it less visible from the road. The gabions can be topped with other items such as plantings that offer another level of greenery in any yard space.

3- A Beautiful Bench

Seating is an important element in any landscaping. People need places to sit and relax all year long. Gabions can be used to create a bench that will surprise and delight the viewer as well as stand up all year long against the elements. They’re easy to set up and easy to maintain. To create the bench desired, it’s best to think about the size of the seating wanted. Gardens designed for use by little kids can have smaller gabions that are lower to the ground and allow kids to climb in and out as needed. Other benches of varied heights can be set aside for the needs of adults. Take a carefully picked out wooden plank or one that is made from plastics and set it between the two gabions. Make sure the seating areas is held firmly in place and will not shift when the weather changes.

4- A Lovely Pond

water feature is a great way to add lots of interest to any landscaping. When the weather turns warmer, a water feature is one way to cool off. A water fountain or pond can be added to allow people to trail their fingers in the water or dip their toes. Gabions can be used to make a pond. Add a pond liner to the inside of the wire cage and then add in some water to the level desired. The pond can also be stocked with water resistant plants and many types of fish that like this kind of environment.

5- Raised Flower Beds

Flowers are much loved addition to any kind of landscaping plan. They offer wonderful colors and scent that changes as the seasons change. Gabions can be used to create raised flower beds that fit in well with the surrounding area. Beds allow water to flow in and out with ease, so the flowers inside them can thrive. Beds made of gabions can be placed in virtually any area in the garden desired. Use them against the walls of the property to help define the area and make it look great.

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