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5 Improvements to Make to Your Catering Company

Running a catering company can be a deeply satisfying experience. Caterers make any special even more special. They arrive and people’s faces light up. Food and drink welcome guests and make them feel appreciated by the party giver. Anyone who runs a catering business should always be on the lookout for things they can do to make the catering business more responsive to the needs of the clients. Doing so will make it easier to please their clients and lead to repeat business. That will boost sales, increase profits and make it easier for the caterer to expand into new markets.

Social Media Outreach

One way to speak to clients directly is with the use of social media. Social media is a necessity for any business owner. It can be particularly useful for caterers. This is where the caterer can create a page solely devoted to their business. They can put up photographs of the food they offer, show prices and create coupons. Social media also allows the caterer to answer questions their customers may have. A caterer can indicate they plan to participate in local events such as street fairs and other local celebrations. Letting people know about their community services also makes it easy for them to create a following and showcase the reactions of their happy fan base.

Modern Menus

All caterers today should be prepared for modern tastes. This means creating flexible menus with lots of options. It also means making sure they serve food that clients can have special needs met with ease. For example, a modern catering menu may include foods that are nut free to help people who are allergic to tree nuts. A caterer can also offer special menus that the client can use to create a specialized meal of their own. Fusion cuisine takes from many different sources to create something delicious. Today’s caterer can use the same principles of mixing and matching to update their offerings. For example, heavy dumplings can be upgraded with lighter sauces that use less caloric ingredients. Olive oil can replace butter. Fruit purees can be used to add sweetness without adding too much sugar. A caterer should look for ways to adhere to their client’s love of the use of varied ingredients and fresh food that looks great on the plate.

Upgraded Equipment

Contemporary kitchen equipment makes it easier than ever to adhere to the highest possible food safety standards at all times. Modern food equipment can keep hot food and cold food cold in any environment from the heat of July to the middle of a winter ice storm. This makes it easy to please clients with food that is right temperature and tastes delicious even when the event goes on for hours. Portable technology that the catering company can have on hand also be used to check that the food is safe to serve even before it goes on a plate.

Well Trained Staffers

All staffers at the company should be highly trained before they come to any location. Staffers should be educated about the food they’re serving. This means they can answer questions about what’s in each item as well as what drinks are available. A server should also know how to carry items gracefully without spilling. Servers should also know how to be unobtrusive and make sure all guests have what they need quickly and easily. Properly trained staffers can serve as the company’s ambassadors. When they do a good job interacting with clients, they make the caterer look organized and focused on client needs.

Team Up With Other Companies

Working directly with other catering companies offers many benefits. One company may have a specialty such as high-quality desserts or Italian cuisine. The other company may have access to certain suppliers that can offer upscale, quality ingredients such as duck and foie gras at a lower price. Another company may have a highly popular restaurant. A successful restaurant can outsource their catering to the other company knowing their clients will be pleased with the results. This benefit both companies and makes it easy to meet the needs of their catering clients.

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