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5 Important Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed

Tree planting and growing can look like a simple exercise until their branches start growing out as the trees start getting large. The branches grow out and could get into your windows acting as a nuisance or fall unexpectedly on floors causing safety hazards. Trimming the trees, therefore, becomes a necessary continuous process. Besides, tree trimming has proved to be good for the health of the tree and on top of improving your overall landscape layout; it can give you a great deal of psychological satisfaction. The following are 5 important reasons to have your trees trimmed.

1. Promote the Health of Your Trees

Overgrown tree parts are usually formed by excessive dead matter. By trimming them out, you give the tree a chance to grow out new stems and leaves and also develop a healthier root system. The trimmed tree will also have the energy to combat diseases that are prone to attack it from time to time. For young trees, trimming out the bushes helps the tree to receive enough moisture and sunlight for its healthy growth. When large trees form a canopy over the lawn, the plants and grass will dry up due to the limited sunlight received and leave a gloomy appearance.

2. Promotes Safety

Safety should be your major concern as this can prevent many unnecessary accidents. The overgrown branches can be at risk of catching fire from the electric lines which could burn down your house and garden. You could also experience power outages when the branches come in contact with the electric lines. There is also a risk of the dead branches falling on you and causing fatalities or serious injuries like broken limbs. An untrimmed tree also has unhealthy roots as the tree doesn’t have the energy to combat diseases and this puts it at risk of falling and causing damage. The debris from the dead branches that form on the ground start to rot and can eat up the roots of the tree making it fall. Prevention is better than cure and trimming your tree could save you a world of pain, permanent injury, and costs.

3. Gives a Beautiful and Artistic Appeal to Your Garden

A neatly trimmed tree is nice to look at and gives you a good feeling of self-satisfaction. It improves the overall visual appearance of the garden and encourages you to go all out in its maintenance and promote its good health. Since trimming is not limited to one style, you can fashion the trees to whatever style that suits your taste at the time and switch to another when there is an overgrowth. However, what you can achieve is determined by the type of trees you have.

4. Acts as Pest and Animal Control

An overgrown tree can attract animals like raccoons and birds which make its branches and trunks a habitat. Raccoons can be a nuisance as they are fond of rummaging through your trash for food or getting into the house. Birds build nests on trees and cause noise disturbance when their families start growing and eventually eat most of the fruits in your garden. Pests are also attracted to the dead matter on trees and feed on it. This could eventually weaken your tree and make it fall. Trimming the tree is the best way to prevent your lawn from turning into a zoo.

5. Encourages Fruit Production

If your tree is fruit producing, trimming them would increase their fruit productivity. Trimming out the dead material and worn out branches promote a healthy tree able to combat diseases and grow out spurs. The spurs produce fruit as the year goes by. This has an economic benefit if you use your trees for business in fruits as you will have more yield.

Tree trimming is necessary for its healthy growth of a tree and also ensures your safety. It also helps to develop satisfying aesthetics for your lawn or garden. Please note that less is more and you shouldn’t trim too much of the tree. You could achieve positive results with just a little trimming at a consistent rate.

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