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5 Health Tests To Make Before Bringing The Puppy Home

Welcoming a new four legged member into the family is always a fun and exciting experience. This is a time when passions are high and everyone wants things to go as smoothly as possible to ensure that the puppy and his or her new family do not undergo too much stress. Planning is the key to pulling it all off smoothly.

It has been said many times, but it bears repeating. A puppy is much like a human baby in that it requires an obscene amount of attention and is almost completely self insufficient. Also, much like a human child, a puppy is susceptible to a variety of illnesses and other health related issues.

Before bringing a puppy home with you to become a new part of the family, there are a number health signs that should be examined. This is to ensure the best possible outcome for the little dog and its prospective owners.

No Defects

Rather like people, some dogs are born with defects. While these defects are often not life threatening, they can hamper the dogs ability. Be sure to consider long and hard whether you would want an animal that is essentially handicapped. A handicapped animal will require more attention for the full duration of its life, but it could make a good pet nevertheless.

If you are going to a breeder, be sure to spend lots of time with the animal that you are considering purchasing before taking the plunge. This will help you to understand all of the animal’s quirks and whether or not is in some way defective.


Having internal worms is unfortunately a real potential problem for dogs. This largely comes as a byproduct of what they eat. It is possible to treat this condition, although it can be potentially dangerous in a newborn puppy. Be sure to enlist the help of a licensed veterinarian to examine the health of your dog.


Some dogs have weak paw pads as a result of bad breeding. This will cause the dog to bleed from their feet when they walk across hard surfaces like concrete. There is not much that can be done if this is the case with a dog. It would be recommended to simply refrain from buying an animal with this condition as it could lead to further complications down the road.


Similar to a human, dogs can be allergic to certain foods. This can place restrictions on the kinds of food that they can eat. Kibble dog food is usually made with a variety of different products. If your dog has an allergy than it could be very hard to find a brand of dog food that is suitable for them without flaring up their allergy.

No Abuse

Some animals are abused. This is a sad reality that can translate to potentially dangerous situations for you if you are unequipped to deal with an animal that suffers emotional trauma. Abuse is more of a sign of mental health.

Ensuring the health of an animal before bringing it home is a always a good idea. Be responsible and check up on your puppy before bringing it home. If all goes smoothly, enjoy the newest furry member to you family!

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