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5 Guaranteed Ways to Tell Your Porch Needs that Power Washing

A comfortable front porch is a great asset to any home. It provides space to enjoy some fresh air outside, to socialize with friends and neighbors, or grill a delicious meal. Porches add both value and beauty to your home, making them a great investment.

Of course, getting those benefits from a porch requires that it be kept clean. That may seem simple enough, but porches have a habit of quietly getting dirty right under your nose. An easy solution for removing the sneaky dirt and grime is to have the porch power washed, but it’s not always clear when a power washing is necessary. Here are five sure-fire ways to know it’s time to get it cleaned.

Clean Spots Are Revealing the Truth

If you’ve ever cleaned up a spill or mess on your porch, you might have been surprised at just how clean it became compared to the area around it. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your porch has gotten dirty because the entire surface is dirty. When a little bit of clean surface shines through, you realize it’s time to clean the porch.

Every so often, use a brush and some cleaner to do a test spot somewhere on your porch. If you see a big difference, it’s time to get the whole porch power washed.

Algae is Growing

Porches are a great environment for algae growth. The shade of the house keeps them damp and somewhat darker most of the day, making it easier for an infestation of algae to develop. Covered porches are even more troublesome, and overflow from flower pots makes things worse.

As soon as you start to see algae growth, it’s time for a power washing. Early cleaning will keep the algae from getting into so many deep crevices that will be even harder to clean later on.

Insect Problems are Developing

Porches are for socializing, and socializing usually involves food and drink. What could be nicer than enjoying a glass of lemonade on the front porch with some friends? A few drops spilled here and there will quickly draw ants. Soon the spiders move in, spinning webs in hopes of catching a few of those sugar-seekers.

If you’re seeing a growing population of any kind of insects, a power washing can eliminate the food sources that are bringing those unwanted visitors to your front door.

Birds Like to Perch There

It just makes sense that if you like to spend time on your front porch, birds will too. They may rest on the railings, chairs, or potted plants. You may even have trouble with them fighting their own reflections on the windows.

Unfortunately, birds have a bad habit of leaving a real mess when they leave. Apart from being unsightly and unpleasant, bird droppings can damage paint, stain, and varnish, so it’s important to get the porch power washed before there is time for buildup.

The Siding is Looking Dirty

They say you are known by the company you keep, and that’s as true for porches as it is for people. The siding along your front porch can be a very good indicator of the character of just how much dirt could be building up on your porch.

If your siding is showing an accumulation of dirt, you can rest assured that the porch is just as dirty. After all, they’re both exposed to the same conditions, so when one needs power washing, they both will.

Good upkeep of your home’s outdoor elements requires that you keep an eye on things. The dirtier your porch becomes, the harder it is to get clean. A lack of regular cleaning will allow the accumulation of dirt that will get tracked into the house as well. Getting power washing as needed will keep your home beautiful and clean inside and out.

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