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5 Clever Ways to Use Your Patio During Fall Months

When you started looking at homes for sale, you probably focused on those with outdoor entertaining areas like a patio or deck. Those outdoor spaces are perfect for throwing a backyard barbecue, inviting friends over for a simple party and just hanging out with a good book and enjoying the sunshine. Some people think that they need to head inside once the temperature cools off, but you can still make use of your patio when the weather is cooler. You can use some fun ideas to make use of that space after autumn arrives.

1- Decorate with Nature

Though many people decorate their patios with the same furniture that everyone else does, you can decorate with nature and natural elements to give your patio a fresh look that will last all through the fall months. Look for decorations that match the season like pumpkins, apples and squashes. Use old-fashioned buckets to keep some of those fruits and vegetables out and on display. You can even encourage visitors to grab an apple on their way out. The bright and vibrant colors of those natural elements will make your house stand out.

2- Host a Halloween Party

One thing that many people look forward to in the fall is Halloween. As soon as the leaves change colors and the temperature drops, you might head to the store to look for classic decorations in shades of black and orange, pumpkins that you can carve and fun things to put around your lawn. Turn you patio into the perfect spot for a Halloween party with some fun things like fake webs that you drape around furniture, an old punch bowl that you fill with your favorite candies and some decorative lights that you place around the edges of the patio. You’ll have almost everything that you need to host an outdoor Halloween party.

3- Create a Cozy Space

Just because the weather changes, that doesn’t mean you can’t still spend time outside. Some people assume that they need to take the fun inside and spend the season staring out the window and wishing they could go outside. You can make your patio the perfect place for relaxing on a chilly night with a few simple things like a comfortable chair or couch that can set one or two people and a gorgeous blanket that will keep you warm. Adding a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace gives you the perfect place to sit on a cold night. That fire is perfect of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs too.

4- Invest in a Smoker

Do you love grilling and cooking outside but assume that the fun stops once autumn arrives? With an outdoor smoker, you can still cook outside in the colder months. You can pick a smoker that uses wood pellets, other types of wood or charcoal. As long as you have enough wood or charcoal on hand, that smoker can turn out all the dishes that you want to make. Some of the newer designs are electronic and come with apps that let you control the level of smoke and even the heat of the cooker when you’re inside or away from home.

5- Consider Enclosing the Porch

If you really love your porch but live in a region where fall can bring lots of snow and ice as well as cold temperatures, you should give some thought to enclosing your porch. Companies can work with you to create a design that works with the look of your home and matches all your needs. These porches usually have three walls that surround the outside to enclose or block off the space. Designers can add multiple windows that let you see out and weather-stripping and insulation to block out the cold weather. Those windows will open and close in the same way that the windows in your home do to let in more light and fresh air.

As much as you love your porch, you may not love it quite as much when autumn arrives. The season brings temperature and climate changes that can send you rushing back inside. Adding a smoker, creating a cozy space and enclosing the area all let you enjoy your porch during that long season.

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