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5 Benefits of Using Laser Therapy to Treat Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a health condition that affects the periphery nerves causing functional limitations as well as poor life quality as it is associated with excruciating pain. Since the nerves are damaged, you may also experience some numbness alongside a tingling effect around the affected region. Studies show that over 70% of patients diagnosed with diabetes develop peripheral neuropathy. While these numbers are high, neuropathy is a little difficult to successfully treat and often results to leg or feet amputation as the patients tend to lose any pain sensation in the limbs.

Technological innovation has however been highly advanced in the healthcare sector with researchers finding more effective ways of treating neuropathy. Laser therapy has been found to have a significant on neuropathy as it provides symptomatic relief.
Now let’s get into some of the benefits you’ll enjoy upon acquisition of a laser therapy treatment session to address your neuropathy!

Promotes natural body healing

When you have neuropathy, it means that your nerves have been damaged and this may cause acute or chronic pain. Getting a deep tissue laser therapy is the most effective to help your body heal naturally and while managing the pain for reduced discomfort. It works through photo-bio-stimulation so once the beams of energy reach your brain, they will trigger the release of nitric oxide that is the biological way for your body to reduce pain. The higher the nitric oxide produced by your body, the more effective the treatment.

Increases microcirculation

Laser therapy has shown positive results when it comes to increasing blood flow in patients with neuropathy. This translates to a boost in your body’s microcirculation due to the stimulation of microvessels. Studies have shown that this will not only improve your sleep but also significantly reduce the level of pain you experience. This will ultimately give you a quality life since nutrients and oxygen are delivered in sufficient quantity to the distal body parts.

Protects your body against further neuropathic effects

According to an article published on the journal Lasers in Medical Science, when patients with neuropathy undergo a laser therapy treatment, the nerve pain reduction is remarkable. The scientists also indicate that this treatment method is appreciably efficient protecting the nerve fibres from being damaged. Nonetheless, the laser therapy has to reach the deep tissues for the patient to experience the expected results.

It is a super effective pain modifier

Laser therapy is currently considered the leading treatment option for neuropathy over surgery and medication. For years, neuropathy patients have relied upon the latter options whose efficacy is low. Laser therapy on the other hand modifies pain reception in your brain by working on the peripheral nerve function. It has an effect on the electrophysiological parameters that have been found to increase pain when the nerve tissues are damaged. This accompanied by the skin microcirculation will reduce neuropathic pain due to the therapeutic modality in the laser treatment.

It is pain-free

It is enough that you’re dealing with neuropathic pain to experience any during treatment. Laser therapy is used to help in the management of various medical conditions besides neuropathy since it is painless. It will effectively relieve your nerve pain by reducing inflammation while naturally healing wounds around the affected area. Since the proper nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the damaged nerve area during laser therapy. It should help in the repair of tissues while optimizing their functionality for healthy living.

While all the above benefits are achieved, you should know that laser therapy is the best method for the management of neuropathy, but not treatment. This is because once damaged, the nerves cannot repair themselves like other tissues in the body.

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