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5 Awesome Ocean Activities to Do in Maui

Maui is one of the most stunning islands in the entire world to visit. With pristine beaches, lava trails, and remarkable waterfalls it’s no wonder over 150,000 people call this paradise. It seems that no matter where you turn you’re bound to find plenty of activities inland and offshore. However, when in Hawaii, you have to enjoy the crystal blue waters. Here are 5 awesome ocean activities to do in Maui:

Snorkeling at Magic Molokini

Molokini is an islet located off Maui’s shore is home to sea creatures and coral. Shaped like a crescent moon, the crater is protected by the walls from waves. You’ll be able to enjoy a calm day snorkeling and may even get to see a shark or green sea turtle! If you’re lucky, the pacific bottle-nosed dolphins will join you for a swim. Thanks to being a protected marine preserve, this bucket list wonder is a must-do when visiting Maui.

Whale Watching

Humpback whales and other wildlife are known for getting close enough to admire while traveling past Maui. Some have a lucky encounter, while others go looking for them at the right times, in the right place. When they travel past the islands in the Winter, they’re close enough to see from shore. You can dig your toes in the black sand at Waianapanapa State Park and watch with binoculars from shore, or take a whale tour to get a closer look at these majestic creatures.

Paddleboard During Calm Hours

Rent a paddleboard from one of the many local shops and spend a morning exploring before the winds pick up. The Napili Bay has shallow areas for beginners to practice, while more advanced tend to travel further out when the water is calm. If you’re unsure where to go, you can join a local eco-friendly SUP class or tour. However, if the weather is too windy, you may have a better time enjoying another water sport, like surfing or kiteboarding.

Atlantis Submarines

Just off Maui’s shoreline, a unique adventure awaits. Dive underwater in one of the famous Atlantis submarines to see tropical fish, reefs, and more. These underwater vessels can carry up to 48 passengers to depths of a hundred feet or more. Designed with the environment and their guests in mind, you can explore confidently knowing these submarines have been approved by the Coast Guard. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to see humpback whales care and tend for their young.

Swim like a Mermaid/Merman

If you’re traveling with kids, or are just a fan of mermaids, you’ll love this! Companies like Hawaii Mermaid Adventures have eco-friendly tours the entire family can enjoy. They offer tails and photography so you can look and feel like one of these beautiful mythical creatures. If you’re new to transforming into a merperson, one of their trained instructors can help you learn their ways while taking photos of you and your group – at no extra cost. It’s no wonder swimming with mermaid tails is trending.

Your next trip to Maui can be filled with unforgettable memories and breathtaking sights. Grab an environmentally friendly sunblock and head for the beach. Take a paddleboard out in the morning to watch the sunrise on calm waters and maybe you’ll get a chance encounter with a whale or dolphin. Spend your afternoon snorkeling in the crater, or swimming with mermaids. End your day with a submarine tour before heading back inland for night festivities. These five awesome ocean activities are guaranteed to make the best out of your trip to Maui.

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