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5 Amenities Every New York Home Should Have

New York can be an incredibly place to live, and people often spend a lot of time moving around and doing things outside their home. The amenities inside the home remain important in spite of that, because the home serves as a quiet and comfortable place for people to relax after they finish with a busy day. Picking a home will always involve trade-offs, but there are a few features that every home in New York should offer to its owners.

1- An Elevator

Space is at a premium in many parts of New York, which causes people to build tall buildings to get as much living space as possible on a small property. People who have to take the stairs on a regular basis will get plenty of exercise, but it can leave them tired. It also makes it very inconvenient to bring groceries to the upper floors, and it can be even worse to bring furniture into rooms at the top of the building when moving in for the first time.

That is why elevators are such an asset. People that want to stay in shape can still take the stairs, but they don’t have to struggle up them while they are hauling heavy objects. It is always best to have as many options as possible when it comes to your living space, and an elevator will let you choose between exercise and convenience, rather than being forced to do things the hard way.

2- Bike Racks

New York’s roads tend to be crowded at the best of times, and the state’s weather is fairly good for most of the year. That encourages people to walk to their destinations, but that is slow enough that it is not always an option. Bikes provide a compromise between the exercise and convenience of walking and the speed that comes with taking a car, which makes them one of the most popular choices for getting around in New York during the vast majority of the year.

Most people would prefer not to store a dirty bike in their house, which means that bike racks are one of the core amenities in New York properties. A small one can take the place of a larger garage or shed in a home for a single family, while all residents can share a rack or two in an apartment. Any style will work, as long as it keeps the bikes safe and secure in a sheltered place when they are not in use.

3- Exercise Space

Everyone needs to get some exercise in order to stay healthy. While plenty of people get it out in nature, there still needs to be an option for when the weather is bad and it isn’t possible to travel to a distant gym. Even a few exercise machines in the home can be adequate, but it is better to get a larger exercise space with more options in it. That will make sure that the residents can work on every part of their body whenever they have the chance.

4- Gardens

New York offers fairly good growing conditions, so a garden is a great way to get some extra food for a negligible cost. Homes with a yard can easily plant a garden on the property, either on the ground or in a raised bed.

Buildings that do not have that much space on the property still have options. Rooftop gardens are popular in cities and can provide plenty of space for every resident. Balconies also offer a chance to raise a few potted plants, and any home can put a tray near a window.

5- Climate Control

New York summers tend to be hot, while the winters tend to be very cold and snowy. A good home can rely on insulation and open windows to cope with the changes, but a good climate control system will work better. It is important to have one that is powerful enough to make a difference, but also efficient enough to keep the power bill under control. Most people come to rely on their heating and cooling systems quite heavily, so it is worth taking some extra time to examine them in detail when picking a home.

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