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4 Tips to Decorate Your Apartment

Many people eagerly look forward to buying their own home or condo because of the ability to finally decorate the space to suite them. After all, when you rent an apartment, you may easily feel confined by limited options for decorating. For example, you may feel as though your apartment is sparse, barren and even dull from an aesthetic standpoint because it lacks any significant decorative features or personal touches. While this is an unfortunately common experience in many apartments, there are some lovely ways to decorate your apartment on a dime and without violating the terms of your lease agreement.

Use Window Coverings

Most apartments are leased with standard miniblinds installed for your privacy. These may have a very minimal amount of style, and the good news is that you do not have to feel limited by these blinds as your only window covering. If you want to dress up your windows on a dime, simply invest in a decorative rod and colorful window sheers. This works well in any room with windows, including in a bathroom with a small window. If you have a larger decorating budget, you can purchase custom drapes. It is wise to consider how long you plan to be in the apartment before investing any sizable amount of money in window coverages. After all, while you may be able to reuse many decorative features in your apartment in another space that you relocate to later, the chance that your windows in a new apartment will have the same dimensions may be low.

Apply Removable Wall Appliques

Applying wallpaper is typically not a smart idea in an apartment. It can be almost impossible to fully remove all of the wallpaper when the time comes to move out. The removal process may require intensive scraping followed by expensive and time-consuming retexturing and repainting. A better idea may be to use removable appliques. These are typically made out of vinyl, and they are designed to stick firmly to the wall while also easily pulling away from the wall when needed. You can find a wide range of appliques online that may make it easy for you to infuse style and personality into your space in a unique and creative way.

Be Confident to Paint

Many renters make a point to keep apartment walls beige or off-white and as free from damage as possible. However, if you read your lease terms closely, you may discover that you actually are permitted to paint the walls as long as you return them to the original color before vacating. If you plan to be in the apartment for a few years, painting the walls to add personality to the space may make even more sense. Remember that you do not have to paint every wall for pizzazz. Instead, consider painting a feature wall in a couple of rooms for dramatic effect.

Dress Up the Floor

It is easy to overlook flooring when you are decorating your apartment, but this can be a mistake. Just as your walls are huge surface areas that you may be eager to dress up with paint, window coverings, wall art and more, the floor also needs attention. Any larger space in your apartment can seem unfinished without a rug on the floor. In addition to focusing on area rugs for the living room and bedrooms, consider using smaller rugs in the front entryway, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms for an extra touch of décor. This is also a great way to introduce more color to the space. While solid rugs are one option, do not be afraid to dabble with designs and prints for an extra touch of style.

Remember that some of the décor that you invest in for your current apartment can be taken with you to dress up your next rental apartment or home. They can also potentially be used if you purchase a new home soon. If you plan to relocate in the near future, look for decorative pieces that are most likely to have a space in a new home and that are not specific to the current space that you are renting unless you have a large decorating budget to work with.

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