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4 Reasons to Try New Cigars

Cigars are as unique as the people that produce them. Even small changes in the curing process or the blend of tobacco in the cigar can result in a new flavor. Many people who enjoy cigars settle on one or two of those blends, and smoke those almost exclusively. That can be comforting, but it also means missing out on the huge variety of cigars that are in the world. Many people who take the plunge find that they enjoy trying out new cigars, and there are plenty of clear reasons for that level of enjoyment.

Discover New Preferences

The only way to discover what you enjoy is to experiment with new things. That is as true with cigars as it is with food, movies, and everything else in the world. Most people go through that process when they first start to smoke cigars, when they switch between brands and blends until they figure out which ones they find most appealing.

There is no reason for that process to end. Your tastes will naturally evolve over time, so you should always be looking for new cigars in case you find one that you like. When that happens, you can add it to your collection and enjoy it for the rest of your life. All it takes to broaden your horizons is the willingness to take a few risks and experiment in the hope of finding a new favorite.


Cigars vary in both quality and price, but those two factors are not always connected. There are plenty of hidden gems that are both affordable and wonderful to smoke. Many of them are relatively unknown, so it can be hard to find out about them by simply reading articles or asking for suggestions. Instead, you can most often find them by trying new or obscure brands and seeing if they are any good. The results will vary from one cigar to the next, but you will often find that you are pleasantly surprised. When that happens, you can get a great deal and stock up on your new discovery.

Making Suggestions

Every person has their own unique tastes when it comes to cigars, and people who are new to the world of cigars often struggle to pick their favorites because there are so many options. They often narrow down their options by asking more experienced smokers for suggestions. Trying a variety of new cigars can give you the experience that you need in order to help those people find what they are looking for.

Responsible cigar smokers can only suggest brands and varieties that they have personally tried in the past. People who only smoke a narrow selection of cigars can only make suggestions from a small group, and the odds are good that they will not have encountered any cigars that the other person will enjoy. In contrast, people who have sampled a wide variety can draw on that experience to help their peers, even if that means suggesting one that they personally disliked but think that the other person will enjoy. That sort of expertise can be a valuable tool for making friends, and helping people find the right cigar can be a big service to the community of cigar smokers.

Cultural Connections

Cigars are inherently tied to cultures. Every style developed in a specific place, in response to the desires of the people who lived there or the people that they hoped would purchase those cigars. Sampling a new cigar will give you a connection to the people that made it. It teaches you a little bit about how they choose to do things, and the sort of things that they enjoy. It’s just like trying their food, or learning about any other part of their culture.

You can even learn about their culture when you purchase the cigar. It is fairly common for cultural festivals to have cigar vendors, especially in that culture has a famous tradition of making them. Visiting that type of festival will be a highly educational experience, one that you can finish by smoking a new cigar and reflecting on all of the things that you learned.

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