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4 Quick Ways to Remove Bedbugs From Your Home

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed off human blood. These bugs are commonly found in bed, couches, and fabrics. If you have bed bugs, you may want to hold off before calling an exterminator. Hiring an exterminator can become pricey, depending on which company you choose. Even though treating bed bugs on your own can be complex, it could pay off in the end. If you suspect you have bed bugs, you need to move quickly in order for the treatment to be efficient.

Keep the Infestation Controlled

Bed bugs are very hard to get rid of. If you have bed bugs, it is important that you are not spreading the infestation to other areas of your home. Any items that need to be removed from the bed bug infested area should be sealed in a plastic bag and treated. If you have furniture in the area where the bed bug infestation occurred, try vacuuming the furniture to eliminate any visible bed bugs and nests. After you’ve done this, cover the area in plastic and empty the vacuum after each use. When emptying the vacuum, seal the bag and dispose of it in the outdoor trash container. If your furniture cannot be rejuvenated, then you will need to discard it. All filling from couch cushions and blankets will need to be removed. All materials removed from the home should be sealed in plastic and discarded in the outdoor trash container.

Heat Treatment

If most of the items affected were fabrics, you may want to consider heat treatment to eliminate the bed bugs. When using heat treatment, you will need to transport all fabrics in plastic to the closest clothes dryer. Once you have done this, all fabrics should be placed in the dryer on high heat. You should continue to dry the clothes for at least 45 minutes. If you don’t have access to a clothes dryer, you can place all the fabrics in black plastic bags and place the bags under the sun.

Cold Treatment

If you’ve only had a few small items that affected by the bed bug infestation, then this treatment option may be best for you. Bed bugs can be killed by using freezing cold temperatures. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to place all items that have been infested in a plastic bag. After doing so, turn your freezer down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. Your freezer and the items will need to stay at this temperature for at least four days. To ensure that the treatment is effective, always use a thermometer to check your freezer’s temperature.

Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners can be a great option for you if the bed bug infestation has impacted a carpeted area, bed frames, and baseboards. The reason for this is because steam cleaners are able to penetrate into small crevices. To ensure that this method is effective, your steam cleaner should maintain a temperature of at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit. When you use a steam cleaner, please be sure to use a diffuser. If you don’t use a diffuser, the air from the steam cleaner could force the bed bugs to scatter.

Chemical Pesticides

If you prefer a simpler method, then you can use chemical pesticides instead. When purchasing pesticides for bed bugs, be sure that the label explicitly says its effective for bed bugs. Do not purchase pesticides used ant, roach, or flea extermination because it will be unsuccessful. Most people would agree that is it easiest to use foggers or bombs to exterminate. When using foggers, please be sure to read the directions for your safety.

Once you’ve completed the extermination, it is important that you re-inspect the previously infested areas. You should continue to inspect your home for the next seven days. After you’ve successfully exterminated your home, please be sure to practice preventive care to keep bed bugs from invading your home again.

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