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4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Local Landscaper

Having a beautiful landscape makes your home more appealing. A yard that is stunning makes your house gorgeous to every eye. So, you want to refurbish your landscape, and you are looking for a landscaper who will do a fantastic job. How do you determine that the contractor you have is the most ideal to decorate your landscape to the envy of your neighbors? Ask questions. Understand how they offer their services before striking any deal. This article lists down four crucial questions, which you should ask a landscaper before they start working on your yard.

Can You Reduce the Cost?

This is perhaps the first thing you should ask before any plans are made. Is the landscaper affordable? How much work does he put in and how much does he charge for the whole project? If you find that the estimated figure the landscaper has given is too high for you, then ask if he can reduce the charges. The design and plants needed can be altered to fit what your pocket can offer. You will still get a stunning compound even with the little cash you have. Ask about the cost and get rid of some features, which are unnecessary yet will increase the total amount. This is important as you will get your desired landscape without straining your budget. The individual or company you have contracted to do your landscape can always understand how much you are comfortable with.

Ask About the Maintenance

Your landscape has been modeled and revamped. The new look is impressive, but what happens if you need maintenance? Does your contractor offer maintenance services even after the work is completed? If so, record the maintenance plan in writing and note down how each plant in the yard will be taken care of. Replacement fees of dead plants may vary, and so be sure to know what is required of each. Agree on what tasks you can handle, and what level of maintenance the landscaper and his team should focus on. Inquire about the upkeep of the plants and how often the plants need attention. Understand the basics as the landscaper may not always be present.

Inquire About their Previous Work

Your landscaper should have a list of references as he has obviously worked on some projects before your yard. Look at his previous works and weigh on the reasons you should pick him over any other local landscaper. Are past clients satisfied with his work? Are his designs attractive? Does he do a good job and on time? Keep looking and asking questions. You don’t want to hire a landscaper who will bring in a team that does a shoddy job in your compound. You are paying for the service, and you should get the value for your money. You can always walk to the locations where he has previously done some work to confirm if the beautiful pictures you have seen match with what is on the ground.

How Long will the Project Take?

Landscaping involves a lot of work. The resources needed should be unlimited and the workforce should be committed. Know the period the whole activity will take before your landscaper and his team starts working around your home. Factor in things like extreme weather after knowing the approximate time to be taken for the work to be completed. While at it, ask about their plans and schedule. Will their working interrupt your typical day? It is also important to point out if you have an event planned around your home so your landscaper can work within the deadline. Ask if they can complete work on time to avoid any inconveniences. Ask them about any unforeseen circumstances that could make them delay in their delivery. Be sure to make it clear if you want the work completed on a specific date.

The idea of having a new or updated landscape is exciting. The excitement should help you get the best landscaper around. Landscaping can’t be done in a day. This is why you are advised to consider every option when choosing a contractor. Don’t forget about the insurance policy and license as landscaping involves moving bulky items and equipment.

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