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4 Natural Remedies to Prevent Sinus Pain

It is likely that you will experience sinus pain at some point in your lifetime. This may be an acute occurrence due to an infection or an allergy. Or, perhaps it is an ongoing chronic condition. Either way, sinus pain is uncomfortable and feels like a lot of pressure.

It is possible to relieve the pain with anti-inflammatory medications, decongestants, or antibiotics in the case of a bacterial infection. Before you reach for the medications, consider trying some of these natural tips. Of course, if you suspect a serious infection, please seek medical attention.

1. Nasal Rinsing

Dry and irritated nasal passages can trigger sinus pain and pressure. Cleaning the irritants, such as allergens, bacteria, and mucus, from your sinuses can help tremendously. At the same time this can irrigate or hydrate the sinuses to help you breathe better.

There are a few different methods to rinse the sinuses. A popular method is to rinse each nostril with a saline solution of water and a small amount of fine salt in a neti pot. To get a better idea of what a neti pot is and how to use it, check out this video by Ashley’s Green Life. Alternatively, you can use a nasal irrigation bulb or syringe.

If these methods of irrigating your sinuses do not sound appealing, you can purchase an over-the-counter saline spray that will help to hydrate your nasal passages.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils are very effective in opening up the sinuses and relieving pressure. Some of the popular oils for this purpose include peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender, or a blend of all three. You can inhale the oils directly from the bottle or diffuse them into the air over a longer period of time. There are a variety of diffusers available for this purpose.

Another way to use essential oils is to fill a heat resistant bowl with boiling water, add a few drops of the desired oil, and make a tent with a towel over your head to breathe the oil infused steam into your nostrils. Always be sure to keep a safe distance from the steam so as not to burn yourself.

Many essential oils have anti-microbial properties which can help to eliminate viruses and bacteria from the sinuses.

3. Clean your Environment

While this may seem obvious, it really is important to rid your home or workplace of toxins and irritants. These include harsh chemicals, dust mites, mold, pet dander, pollen, dust, and other allergens. It is best to clean with all natural products and to vacuum with a HEPA filter unit.

Carpets and bedding are especially good places for allergens to hang out. It is a good idea to have carpets professionally cleaned a couple of times a year and to wash your pillows and blankets a few times. Cleaning HVAC ducts is also a good practice. Keeping pets out of your bedroom may also help with sinus pain. Use a dehumidifier if you suspect mold is present.

4. Houseplants

According to the National Association of Home Inspectors and NASA, there is compelling evidence that houseplants can help improve upper respiratory conditions. These naturally filter the air and provide the clean oxygen we all need to breathe. If you are a smoker, or live with someone who smokes, greenery will definitely help to rid the house of this known irritant.

While on the topic of smoking, it is recommended that you don’t allow any smoking indoors if you want sinuses that are free of pressure and pain.

Bottom Line

Before you reach for cold, allergy, or pain medication, try some natural remedies to help with your sinus pain. These are just 4 suggestions that you might want to start with.

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