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4 Ideas for Remodeling a Bathroom on a Budget

Over time, your bathrooms can easily become less functional for your needs. Because most of the features in this space are built in, a renovation is usually needs to improve an outdated style in a bathroom. Remodeling your bathrooms periodically is important if you want to take advantage of energy-saving or water-conserving features. It also is a crucial way for you to update your home’s style and even to add value. However, when you have a limited amount of money to work with, you may be looking for cost-effective ways to save money while still enjoying quality results from a bathroom renovation that meet your needs.

1- Do Some of the Work on Your Own

For many bathroom remodeling projects, the cost of labor is more significant than the cost of materials. Therefore, if you want to keep the cost of this project under control, do as much of the work as you can without sacrificing on quality. For example, even if you do not have any skills in the areas of carpentry, plumbing and more, you may still be able to rip out existing features. If you feel handy, you may hang the mirror, install floor and backsplash tile and more. Remember that you want the quality of your finishes results to be amazing. These results will affect property value, your ability to sell the home later and more. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is best to hire an affordable yet skilled contractor.

2- Choose Materials Wisely

While limiting labor costs as much as possible is an effective way to save money on your project, you can also save money when you choose more affordable materials. Many materials have a quality finish, but they are available at a more affordable price than others. Choose materials that have significant longevity and easy care requirements. For example, there are considerable differences in prices for various types of tile that you may want to install in your bathroom. Many of the more affordable options have a high-end look that may be desirable for your space.

3- Shop Around for Contractors

Some homeowners may be able to renovate their entire bathroom on their own, but many will need to hire at least a few contractors. After all, you may not have the considerable skills and craftsmanship that are needed to produce exceptional results. The labor rates for these professionals’ services vary substantially. Obtain at least three or four quotes from each type of contractor that you need to hire. Do not assume that a lower price equates to lower-quality work or vice versa. In some cases, rates are based on overhead and how efficiently a contractor can run his or her business. Ensure that you check references and verify that each of your contractors has proper licenses and insurance.

4- Avoid Last-Minute Changes

Many homeowners decide that they want to make changes to their original plans after some of the work has already been completed. In many cases, this results in wasted time and materials. As you can imagine, this waste generates unnecessary costs that otherwise could have been avoided. Ensure that you love all aspects of your renovation plan before you get started so that you can eliminate unnecessary expenses. Conduct careful research about design ideas and materials. Think through all aspects of your project, and envision your use of the space. By focusing your attention on these important points, you can more easily create a design that you will love and that you will follow through on without any changes after the work begins.

If you are tired of the look of your bathroom or if this room is no longer functional for your needs, you may be eager to begin your renovation project. You can enjoy fabulous benefits when you renovate your bathroom. However, before you can enjoy these incredible benefits, you need to understand different factors that could cause your project costs to be higher than necessary. Develop an excellent plan that strategically keeps costs as low as possible, and feel comfortable with all aspects of your renovation plan. When you make this effort, you may be able to enjoy substantial results that you will love without exceeding your budget.

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